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Yvolution, it is my nickname, and somehow, also a part of who I am.

If you can figure out what the words after this mean, you can use them. yvolution dot wiki awithatail dse dot nl

Today, the 1st of august 2004, I'll make my first steps in also improving the Wikipedia. I created this user page mainly to keep track of my own contributions. My contributions will be small in first instance, I'm certainly still a wiki-novice :)

My present occupation consists of a part-time postion at a multinational electronics company. Furthermore I try to accomplish a study at the Eindhoven_University_of_Technology located in the Netherlands. The course I'm following is called "Technology and Society" which will be renamed for the next college-year to "Technology and Innovation sciences"

Presently I try to accomplish a subject called Thermal Physics. The subject comprises Thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gases and statistical mechanics. As I definitely need to pass the exam, but as I'm definitely no expert in this area, I hope Wikipedia will be a learning experience.

Update 2005 10th of august.

Until now I turn out to be merely an observer than a contributor to Wikipedia. This is not fully true, I sometimes change/add minor things to articles while not being logged on as "Yvolution". Although there is still a lot to add and improve within Wikipedia, I only want to connect my nickname to that when it is really good, or when it really adds something. Therefore I would need to change my priorities concerning time, and until now that didn't happen. By the way I'm typing this while being at my work now :)

In my previous edit of this page I mentioned that I had to accomplish a Thermal Physics course. Before I could accomplish it, the subject changed to something similar, but for me in a more interesting direction. Now it comprises and is more focused on Thermodynamics, Steam, and Entropy. I still have to pass that exam.

In the mean time I accomplished a subject called Factor_analysis, and advanced statistics. Wikipedia and the internet was of help for these courses, since the lecture-notes were not that clear. Still I think that especially for the Factor Analysis subject there is still a lot to add.

Now I have to put effort in a subject concerning renewable energy, and I'm also involved in a project about the peoples use of reviews on the internet.

Update 2014 10th of April.

It is already 10 years ago that I took my first steps on Wikipedia. I still like the concept a lot, it is one of the less really independent initiatives that has so big impact on what the internet can mean to people. I did not write many article's, and only once in a while I added or corrected something on an existing Wikipedia article. But if I would have had more time I would definitely produce more, and better content.