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Marsha H. Levine is the founder of InterPride, an international organisation for Pride committees. She was Parade Manager of San Francisco Pride from 2000-2018 and is currently Community Relations Manager.[1]


Marsha attended Greenwich High School

Known for[edit]


In 1982 in Boston USA, alongside Rick Turner, Levine created InterPride, an international member organization of LGBTQI Pride committees world-wide.[2] Since then, an InterPride conference has been held in a different city each year. The network is now made up of 160 LGBT Pride organisations.[3]

In April 1981, Pride Coordinators Rick Turner and Marsha H. Levine, from San Francisco and Boston respectively, met at the "call to unite" - a gay and lesbian leadership conference in Los Angeles, and the start of an organization then known as NOLAG (National Organization of Lesbians and Gays). While discussing common issues that their individual pride organizations faced, and remarking that their connections with the New York Pride and Los Angeles Pride committees were helpful for problem-solving, Rick and Marsha felt this trading of information was important and could develop into a potential network.

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