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Saratoga Mall (demolished)
Location Wilton, New York
Opening date October 18, 1973
Closing date 1999
Developer The Pyramid Companies
Owner Starwood Ceruzzi, Inc.
No. of anchor tenants 3
Total retail floor area 450,000 sq ft (42,000 m2)
No. of floors 1

Saratoga Mall was a former enclosed shopping mall in Wilton, New York near the city of Saratoga Springs, New York. It was demolished in 1999. It was previously known as Pyramid Mall Saratoga. After demolition, it was replaced by a big box strip center known as Wilton Square.[1]


Originally called Pyramid Mall Saratoga, the mall was built by The Pyramid Companies. Construction began in late 1972[2]/early 1973. It was the first regional mall developed by the company.[3]

The mall was on 45 acres of land. Landscaping included:[3]

  • 3,000 ft. grass sod
  • 20 acres of land seeded for grass
  • 172+ trees


The mall opened for business on October 18, 1973 with fifty stores and no vacancies. The original size of the mall was 310,000 square feet. It employed more than 450 people.[3]

For opening day, Miss New York State, Susan Carlson, was set to cut the ribbon. There was a drawing for a free flight for two to Nassau in the Bahamas.[4]

Mostly due to the new shopping mall, Wilton town supervisor Robert Gavin announced a property tax reduction of 54 percent one month after the mall's opening.[3]

Initial Interior Features[edit]

There were four major courts in the mall that had fountains, skylights, bridges, and pools.[3]

Initial Tenants[edit]


  • Albany Public Markets, Inc. (free-standing 25,000 sq. ft. building)[5]
  • Barkers (discount department store in the chain - 70,000 sq. ft.[5])
  • Denby's (junior department store in the chain)
  • The Carl Co. (36,000 sq. ft.)[5]

Smaller Tenants[3]

  • Anderson-Little
  • Bavarian Pretzel
  • Corbat's Shoes
  • Endicott-Johnson (shoes)
  • Erlinger's Fashions (8,400 sq. ft.)[5]
  • Frankel's Fabrics (5,000 sq. ft.)[5]
  • Hallmark
  • Hickory Farms
  • Household Finance Co.
  • Jonathan Reed, Ltd. (5,300 sq. ft.)[5]
  • Mack Drug Store[5]
  • Radio Shack
  • Thorn McAn (shoes)

Unnamed Tenants[3]

  • apparel stores
  • banks (2)
  • bookstore
  • drug store
  • gift stores
  • liquor store
  • restaurants (3)
  • specialty stores
  • supermarket


In Spring, 1976, Montgomery Ward opened, bringing the total size of the mall to 435,800 square feet.[6] The addition included 113,502 square feet. The Montgomery Wards store addition totaled 95,500 square feet.[7]

Later Tenants[edit]

Tenants in this list are based on articles or advertisements. Some of these tenants may be initial tenants that were not specifically named in the earliest articles.

Tenant Name Date Opened
Mechanics Exchange Savings Bank before February 28, 1975[8]
Kirsch before April 20, 1975[9]
Hilton's Music before October 21, 1975[10]
Marine Midland Bank before March 26, 1976[11]
Movie Cinemas (3 theaters) before April 27, 1976[12]
Kinney Shoes 1976[13]
Record Town before June 17, 1981[14][15][16]
Penney Catalog Store March 11, 1987[17]
Friar Tuck Bookshops before November 26, 1989[18]
Wilton Town Supervisor's Office before March 10, 1990[19]
McDonald's before March 18, 1990[20]
Gifts & Novelties before August 19, 1990[21]
New York State Labor Department Community Service Center October 1, 1990[22]
Kay Bee Toys (simultaneously in Wilton Mall next door) before December 9, 1990[21]
Jamesway before July 24, 1991[23]
Carl's Drug (later became Fay's Drug) before August 23, 1991[24]
Fay's Drug (took over Carl's Drug) before August 23, 1991[24]
Benson's Pet Shop before October 12, 1991[25]
Service Merchandise before December 15, 1991[26]
Ryan Jewelers before December 15, 1991[26]
Price Chopper (60,000 sq. ft. free-standing building) 1991[27]
Creative Fashion Eyewear before July 26, 1992[28]
Van Arnum Flowers and Gift Shop before July 26, 1992[28]
Hair 2000 before July 26, 1992[28]
Dime Savings Bank of New York before July 26, 1992[28]
Papa Gino's before July 26, 1992[28]
Lazer Pix before April 11, 1993[29]
Short Stop June 10, 1993[30]
General Nutrition Center before October 14, 1993[31]
Arcade (Games People Play?) before October 14, 1993[31]
The Gardeners before April 3, 1998[32] before July 31, 1998[32]
Praises Christian Book Store before September 3, 1998[33]
Senior Solutions before September 4, 1998[33]
New Life Christian Church before 1999[34]
Passonno Paints before 1999[35]

Name change[edit]

The mall's name changed in 1987 when it came under new ownership.[36][37]

Proposed strip mall[edit]

Owners of the Saratoga Mall in 1989 proposed a small strip mall called Wilton Square (the eventual name of the successor to the mall after demolition) of 29,000 square feet with 135 parking spaces. The number of parking spaces was not enough for Wilton town code. An exception was not made as it was for the Wilton Mall at Saratoga being developed next door to the Saratoga Mall.[38]

Montgomery Ward planned move to Wilton Mall[edit]

Montgomery Ward planned to move to the newer Wilton Mall by 1991. At that time, the owner of the Saratoga Mall suggested the move would not be a problem but instead would be an opportunity to brand Saratoga Mall as a discount mall.[38] Montgomery Ward never actually moved to Wilton Mall. When it announced its store closures for the area, its Wilton store was still located in the Saratoga Mall.[39]

Stores in Saratoga Mall and Wilton Mall at the same time[edit]

A handful of stores opened in the new Wilton Mall while simultaneously having stores in the Saratoga Mall. They included:

  • Kaybee Toys
  • Record Town
  • Friar Tuck Books
  • Kinney Shoes

Due to competition from its newer, larger neighbor, the mall began trying to develop a mixed-use strategy by attempting to attract office space and businesses such as doctor's offices to bring traffic to the remaining retailers.[36]

Second run movie theater[edit]

In mid-1992, the movie theaters at Saratoga Mall were managed by Hoyts. Hoyts also had newer theaters in the Wilton Mall next door. On June 19, 1992, the Saratoga Mall theaters became a second-run theater with ticket prices at $1.99. At that point, the mall had six theaters.[40]

The final showings at the mall took place on Thursday, August 26, 1999. At the time, there were eight employees working for that cinema.[40]


The mall was originally owned and developed by The Pyramid Companies.[3] The mall again changed ownership in 1987, changing its name from Pyramid Mall Saratoga to Saratoga Mall in the process.[36] In 1991, it was owned by Pyramid Centers of Empire State Co.[41] In 1999, it was sold by Pyramid Centers of Canada to Starwood Ceruzzi Properties, Inc., of Fairfield, Connecticut. This company completed demolition of the enclosed mall and built Wilton Square in its place. Starwood Ceruzzi Properties then sold the property in summer 2005 to Inland Western Saratoga Springs Wilton, LLC for almost four times what they paid.[1]


The possibility of demolition was announced in late 1998. Mall management began talking to big box retailers such as Target about location on the site. At the time, it was mentioned that this would offer flexibility in case the owners wanted to sell the mall. The mall was 450,000 square feet at that point and did not have any major anchors. Former anchors included Montgomery Ward, Jamesway, and Service Merchandise. At the time, the mall was owned by Pyramid Center & Co. Ltd.[42]

The Price Chopper portion of the property was subdivided from the rest of the mall in 1998.[42]

Demolition of the mall was completed in Fall, 1999.[42]


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