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Why Wikipedia?[edit]

"It's more like English than code" -- Z22 (talk) 04:00, 28 March 2013 (UTC)

I get tired from coding at work, so I need to relax at home by writing something that is a bit closer to English.

My first...[edit]

  • First edit (July 2006): Newark Light Rail. Was it on July 25, 2006? Really? Just so you know, July 25 is the birthday of someone important to me. Well, my first edit was not on July 25. The dates on Wikipedia are UTC, so my first edit was actually on July 24.
  • First page creation (July 2006): Military Ocean Terminal at Bayonne‎. It was just a follow up on my first edit. I read an article about Bayonne getting the old Newark City Subway cars to use in their development project. So I wrote something about it. Unfortunately, after more than 6 years, those subway cars haven't made to Bayonne's operation yet. Not a good start for the first page, right?
  • First sandbox (May 2009): Need I say more? By 2009, I realized that I edited more and more pages. I just needed a space to test out my new pages.
  • First mass edit (December 2009): Atlantic City School District. Adding Indicator 13 to the great work about school spending done by Alansohn (talk). Then I spent a great deal of time on the Christmas day editing hundreds of NJ school district pages manually to add that indicator from the source. Still, I spent more time in writing English than just coding a bot to do this job.
  • First image (January 2010): File:TheBriadGroupLogo.jpg. Learned something new about Wikipedia's policy on fair use.
  • First photo (January 2011): File:Cast of Eubrontes Gigantis track by Paul Olsen.jpg. It was interesting that almost two years after I edited Riker Hill Fossil Site (in Roseland, New Jersey), I just came across this artifact from the site during my vacation in Washington, DC.
  • First template (January 2012): Template:United States figure skating clubs. I decided to create this template after finding it difficult to get to other figure skating clubs after I created Essex Skating Club.
  • First Wikimedia Commons (November 2012): Image:Sixth and a Half Avenue and W 51 Street in Manhattan New York.jpg. I just did't expect that NYCDOT would be flexible enough to do something funky.
  • First SVG file on wiki (November 2012): Image:Higher speed loco ca us.svg. You can see that it was the starting point of my new obsession about trains.
  • First WikiLove (February 2013): Someone just gave me a WikiLove message. It was a cheeseburger right after I created the Medicine chest (idiom) page. Thanks for that juicy burger, but hey, I needed to go get Tums from my medicine chest right after I ate that thing.
  • First user page of my own (March 28, 2013): Finally, after more than 6 years of creating and editing other pages. It's now time for my own!
  • First barnstar (May 2013): I got the Tireless Contributor Barnstar for "authorship of interesting articles like the Westinghouse Lamp Plant page". I came across an interesting story of how they refined uranium in a site in New Jersey to be used for the first reaction in Chicago. So, I spent time digging through old documents and created that page. It was nice to know someone else appreciated it. Thank you for that.
  • First 1,000 unique page edits (October 2013): The 1,000th unique page that I edited was Wind turbine design to add a photo taken when we visited Wolfe Island Wind Farm in 2012. I had been adding photos (extracting from public domain documents or using my own) to articles lately in a hope to help those visual learners out there.
Edison batteries

My obsessions[edit]

  • Mostly something about New Jersey in my early years
  • In late 2012, I started editing many train-related articles.
  • In 2013, I started creating and editing articles related to electricity generation.
  • In 2013, I also started uploading more and more images to Wikimedia Commons to include in several Wikipedia articles. See the list of my uploaded files here. I don't just dump my hard drive to Commons. I only upload the media that can be used in Wikipedia articles. Will need to see how long I can keep up with that.

Below are some examples of the articles that I created and contributed a significant portion of the contents:

Articles I created that are listed as "Did you know" DYKSTATS leaders of the month:

My tools[edit]