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List of tools to create Live USB systems
Name of the tool Runs from... Installs... Comments
cd2usb Windows Ubuntu, Super OS
dd Un*x and Windows any image
Debian live-magic Debian Debian Can create various image types (CD, USB, netboot, webboot)
Fedora Live USB creator Windows and Linux Fedora
flash-knoppix Knoppix DVD Knoppix
Free USB Installer
Linux and Windows the FSF-endorsed Free Software GNU/Linux Distributions
general support for any .iso
based on UNetbootin
LinuxLive USB Creator Windows many puredyne puredyne wiki instructions
Mandriva Seed Linux and Windows Mandriva One
MultiBoot Linux many
Pendrivelinux Universal USB Installer Windows many
Portable Linux Linux any distribution that uses Casper as its LiveCD technology offers data persistence
Ubuntu Live USB creator Linux Ubuntu
UNetbootin Windows and Linux has built-in support for 25 distros
general support for any .iso
Win32 Disk Imager
Image Writer for Windows
Windows any image recommended by Arch Linux and Moblin