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I'm a software engineer. On Wikipedia you will probably catch me doing vandal or new page patrol.

Full disclosure: I used to work for doubleTwist, Seesmic,, and Texas Instruments.

I'm an former contributor to the Mono Project. (

My personal site

I make semi-automated mass edits with AWB and vandal patrol edits from my alternative account, User:ZacBowlingAlt, to keep my main account contribution history and watch list clean. That user is not a sock puppet or a meat puppet but a legitimate alternate account. Unless I forget which user I'm logged in as, you shouldn't see this account voting. My alternate's talk page is a hard redirect to my main talk page, and my alternate's user page is a soft redirect to my main (this page).

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ZacBowling is currently:
Symbol neutral vote.svg Lost.
Check my status history for more info.
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