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Zebra Co.[edit]

Zack Zebra is the boss of a trolling company, Zebra Co. Zebra Co. has been going since june 2011. Mr. Zebra(Zack) has recently made Zebra Co. a facebook page He hopes that people will like it and that Zebra Co. will be famous.


Zack has accounts on some websites. He has a Facebook ,a twitter , a YouTube account , and a tumbler On YouTube he posts videos about himself and Zebra Co. to entertain his fans. Some people thought of Mr. Zebra as "A stalker" or "A bully." Mr. Zebra tells them he doesn't try to hurt anyone and that he is just a zebra helping his work and making jokes. Mr. Zebra tries not to post too weird or uncomfortable videos or photos.

places he lived[edit]

Zack was born in Africa in 1992. One day when Zack was two he slept too long and lost his pack. Then he some how got on a cargo ship full of butter and was shipped to The United States of America and by the time he got there the butter was melted so he was just floating around in a bunch of fatty goodness. Then when he got off the cargo ship he called his pack with his Cellular phone and said, "Holy Shit!!! I'm in America!!! It ended up that Zack was in New Jersey. Then he soon noticed that humans don't really like Zebras walking around on the street, so they started chasing him with nets and cars. Finally he escaped and found another Zebra in an alley that introduced him to the snooki Bump. Mr. Zebra/ Zack eventually got the hair style and boy oh he rocked that Shit! Then eventually(when Zack was four) most of his pack came and found him in Ohio. By then Zack stopped doing the Snooki Bump.(it was getting old) Mr. Zebra wanted to go to Chicago, Illinois so he could be a city zebra. Some of his pack stayed in Ohio while the rest traveled to Chicago. Mr. Zebra was five when he got there. After living in Chicago long enough he fell in love with this band, what's it called... Oh One Direction!!! He very much loved this one band member named Niall Horan. Well this is becoming way off topic, but this is how he became the Zebra we know and love today.


Mr. Zebra/Zack has had many jobs in his past. The first job he ever had was at McDonalds. He eventually got fired from the job because he kept eating all the food.(which is why he's so fat today) After that he work at other businesses like restaurants, companies, baby sitting, and being a nurse. Mr. Zebra had at least 10 jobs in his life so far. He says that he is probably going to work at Zebra Co. for almost the rest of his life.


Ever since Zebra Co. opened that's when all the awesome Trolling began! One of the earlier, most memorable victims was Chris Hollenbeck. Mr. Zebra friended him on Facebook and liked only about 3 photos in a row and the kid TOATLY flipped out and made a Facebook and Twitter post about it and claiming Mr. Zebra was bulling him. Then Chris defriended him. After that Mr. Zebra got very, very, very, very, VERY! emotional.(worse than Mr. Veggie)Shortly after that he got addicted to... I shouldn't say that. Well... on YouTube he disliked random videos because they were better than his...


Omegle is a social network where you pretty much talk to strangers. Mr. Zebra and Mr. Veggie(a worker at zebra co.) LOVE to troll on there. Mr. Veggie shows his emotional side on there and Mr. Zebra just is... Mr. zebra! Omegle is Zebra Co.'s number 1 trolling website, they love it! Mr. Zebra recommends this website if you're a troll. *WARNING THIS WEBSITE MIGHT HAVE SOME DISTURBING PARTS ON IT SO ONLY GO ON IF YOU'RE 18 OR OLDER!!!--->