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My first, and to date, only barnstar: awarded for bringing Crest (heraldry) to Good Article status.

Useful resources (useful to me anyway)[edit]

I. Alexander Nisbet of that Ilk: A System of Heraldry

II. Sir James Balfour Paul: The Scots Peerage; (Aber-Balm) (Banf-Crans) (Crawf-Falk) (Fife-Hynd) (Inne-Mar) (Marc-Oxfu) (Panm-Sinc) (Some-Wint) (Index)

III. George Edward Cockayne: The Complete Peerage; (A-Bo) (Bra-C) (D-F) (G-K) (L-M) (N-R) (S-T) (U-Z; Index)

IV. Arthur Charles Fox-Davies: A Complete Guide to Heraldry