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[1] My real name is Kate McDonnell but my namespace intersects with that of an American folksinger, so if you look me up in Google you find a superwoman who does photography, typography and design, has a blog she's posted to every day since November 2001, does odd bits of reviewing and opinionated writing, and also sings and writes songs.

I don’t sing or write songs.

I'm elzadra on Wikimedia.

On Wikipedia I haven’t initiated many articles, but go on intermittent runs of copy editing and tidying up. Many articles on the English side need to be edited to sound more like naturally written English. I try to fix these as I encounter them.

I am a Montrealer born and bred and so take a special interest in anything written about the place. I'm planning to expand more on any articles about my current neighbourhood and other parts of the city, and add some photos as well. Some of this may involve translating from French texts in the public domain, but that's not difficult for me to do.