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(ರೃ_•)USER PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION....VEEEERY SLOW CONSTRUCTION. (First, I need to figure out how to organize this thing!)

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mt-5 when 17th centry Heo Mok was visited Song Siyeol, but Song Si-yeol's meeting is nothing. reverted to a long wait of Fail. Angry was Heo Mok Said, "Bojihwyangdong Bulansonsseonsaeng"
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"They say to be careful, that there's a fine line between genius and insanity. I say screw it, and speed down the middle like a screaming racecar of brilliance." -Zaldax

I'm a scientist. I believe in rationality, neutrality, and objectivity. On Wikipedia, I prize those things above all others, and I will defend each and every article I come across from POV edits, regardless of whether I agree or disagree with them. POV-pushers, Advertisers, and Biased Editors beware; I will revert, restore, or reword whatever it takes to ensure articles conform to our encyclopedic standards.

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