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Zeus head thumb-zanaq.png

Zeusmode is an extensive elaboration of Sam Hocevar's godmode-light script and some other scripts. It has been tested with Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox under Microsoft Windows.



Features of Zeusmode in page view
Since tab, Last Tab, Edit top link, quickTemplate bar
  • Rollback link in user contribution list and on last diff
  • Link to place old version on diffs and in page history.
  • Template checkbox bar in edit window and most other views
  • Link to diffs since own last edit on tabs and in the watchlist
  • Link to last diff
  • Link for editing top section
  • Hide button in Newpages


Based on:

To do[edit]

  • Since & Last tabs should appear next to the history tab.

Extra functionality[edit]

  • Place links in old version views, to place back a previous version.
  • Support of subdivided templates like {{Stub-whatever}} and {{Cleanup-date|whenever}}
    • Support of section templates
  • A mechanism to edit category assignment on the relevant views

Help required[edit]

  • Internationalization
  • Browser compatibility


  • Templates embedded in <nowiki> tags or html-comments are not ignored
  • pagetitles with an ampersand (&) and other special characters yield problems
  • Editconflicts with quickTemplate are not detected.