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Space Filler :)

Zarius joined Wikipedia in 2003 and watched it grow. Sporadic interests have brought him back here on occasion over the years. He seems to be more active from the beginning of 2007. Currently resides in Brisbane, Australia and works as IT Support for an insurance company specialising in Strata Title. Has a taken recent interest in medical subjects, possibly from watching too much Regenesis & House MD and is slowly devouring a textbook on Molecular biology.

Link for confirmation of identify for SUL request on PL wiki


NameThis user's name is Zarius Tularial.
30This user is 30 years old.
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Australia globe stub.svgThis user comes from Australia.
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  • Combating vandalism
  • Tweaking pages (spelling, layout improvements, etc)
  • Building on any pages that I happen to have an interest in at the time
  • Creating the odd page as interest and knowledge permit

Pages planned for creation

Planning on putting together some info on Australian Body corporate/Strata Title laws (goes hand in hand with my current work).

Pages created & major edits

Although I usually make smaller maintenance edits (rv, spelling, etc), I've made a few larger edits. Major in this case is relative :)

NTFS Junction point - can be used similar to Symbolic links in *nix (created, 23 Feb 2004))
CPU socket (created, 13 April 2004)
Yours Truly Theatre, Bangalore (cleanup and layout, 02 March 2007)
S.C.A.P.A. - now School for the Creative and Performing Arts (cleanup, 19 March 2007)
Notifiable disease (major edit from empty redirect page to article, 23 March 2007)

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