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Reality Theory: Optimization[edit]

Action selection
Active set method
Ant colony optimization algorithms
Approximation algorithm
Assignment problem
Augmented Lagrangian method
Automated planning and scheduling
Backward chaining
Behavior tree (artificial intelligence, robotics and control)
Behavior-based robotics
Belief–desire–intention software model
Bellman equation
Best-first search
Boolean satisfiability problem
Branch and bound
Breadth-first search
Brute-force search
Chromosome (genetic algorithm)
Combinatorial optimization
Combinatorial search
Conflict resolution strategy
Constrained optimization
Constraint (mathematics)
Constraint learning
Constraint satisfaction
Convex optimization
Coordinate descent
Crossover (genetic algorithm)
Cutting-plane method
Depth-first search
Derivative-free optimization
Differential evolution
Dijkstra's algorithm
Duality (optimization)
Dynamic programming
Evolutionary algorithm
Evolutionary computation
Feasible region
Fitness function
Forward chaining
Fuzzy control system
Genetic algorithm
Global optimization
Gradient descent
Graph traversal
Greedy algorithm
Heuristic (computer science)
Hierarchical task network
Hill climbing
Integer programming
Interior point method
Iterated local search
Iterative deepening depth-first search
Karush–Kuhn–Tucker conditions
Knapsack problem
Line search
Linear programming
Local consistency
Local optimum
Local search (constraint satisfaction)
Local search (optimization)
Loss function
Mathematical optimization
Maxima and minima
Memetic algorithm
Model checking
Monte Carlo tree search
Motion planning
Multi-objective optimization
Mutation (genetic algorithm)
Newton's method
No free lunch in search and optimization
Nonlinear programming
Operations research
Optimal control
Optimal substructure
Optimization problem
Overlapping subproblems
Partial-order planning
Particle swarm optimization
Perceptual control theory
Preference-based planning
Procedural reasoning system
Production system (computer science)
Quadratic programming
Quasi-Newton Least Squares Method
Quasi-Newton method
Reactive planning
Reasoning system
Relaxation (approximation)
Rete algorithm
Robot navigation
Robotic mapping
Robust optimization
Search algorithm
Selection (genetic algorithm)
Simplex algorithm
Simulated annealing
Spreading activation
State space
State space planning
State space search
Stochastic diffusion search
Stochastic dynamic programming
Stochastic gradient descent
Stochastic optimization
Stochastic programming
Strong duality
Subgradient method
Subsumption architecture
Swarm intelligence
Tabu search
Travelling salesman problem
Tree traversal
Trust region
Weak duality
Winner-take-all in action selection