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Reality Theory: Programming[edit]

Abstract data type
Abstract type
Abstraction (software engineering)
Abstraction principle (computer programming)
Access modifiers
Anonymous function
Application software
Assertion (software development)
Assignment (computer science)
Attribute (computing)
Black-box testing
Block (programming)
Boolean data type
Branch (computer science)
C (programming language)
C++ Standard Library
Callback (computer programming)
Character (computing)
Class (computer programming)
Class implementation file
Class variable
Closure (computer programming)
Code coverage
Code refactoring
Code smell
Cohesion (computer science)
Comment (computer programming)
Composite data type
Computer program
Computer programming
Concurrent computing
Conditional (computer programming)
Constant (computer programming)
Constructor (object-oriented programming)
Continuation-passing style
Control flow
Coupling (computer programming)
Cyclomatic complexity
Data Clump (Code Smell)
Data structure
Data type
Declaration (computer programming)
Declarative programming
Delegation (object-oriented programming)
Dependency hell
Dependent type
Design by contract
Design pattern
Destructor (computer programming)
Do while loop
Duck typing
Dynamic dispatch
Dynamic program analysis
Dynamic programming language
Encapsulation (computer programming)
Enumerated type
Event-driven programming
Exception handling
Expression (computer science)
First-class function
Fixed-point arithmetic
Floating-point arithmetic
For loop
Foreach loop
Function composition (computer science)
Function object
Function overloading
Function pointer
Functional programming
Generator (computer programming)
Generic programming
Global variable
Google Chrome
Handle (computing)
Higher-order function
Imperative programming
Inductive logic programming
Inductive programming
Infinite loop
Information hiding
Inheritance (object-oriented programming)
Inner class
Instance variable
Integer (computer science)
Integrated development environment
Integration testing
Interface (computing)
Internet bot
Internet Explorer
Interpreted language
Interpreter (computing)
Java (programming language)
Java (software platform)
Java applet
Java Class Library
Label (computer science)
Leaky abstraction
Library (computing)
Line number
Lisp (programming language)
Literal (computer programming)
Local variable
Logic programming
Macro (computer science)
Member variable
Method (computer programming)
Method overriding
Microsoft Edge
Modular programming
Multiple inheritance
Mutator method
Naming convention (programming)
Nested function
Object (computer science)
Object-oriented programming
Opera (web browser)
Operator (computer programming)
Operator overloading
Pattern matching
Pointer (computer programming)
Polymorphism (computer science)
Primitive data type
Primitive wrapper class
Probabilistic programming language
Programming language
Programming paradigm
Programming style
Property (programming)
Protocol (object-oriented programming)
Prototype-based programming
Python (programming language)
Recursion (computer science)
Reference (computer science)
Reflection (computer programming)
Reserved word
Ruby (programming language)
Scope (computer science)
Scripting language
Self-modifying code
Software brittleness
Software bug
Software framework
Software metric
Software rot
Software testing
Software verification
Source code
Standard Template Library
Statement (computer science)
Static program analysis
Static variable
String (computer science)
Structural type system
Structured programming
Switch statement
Syntax (programming languages)
Test case
Trait (computer programming)
Type class
Type conversion
Type safety
Type signature
Type system
Unit testing
Variable (computer science)
Web application
Web browser
Web crawler
Web indexing
Web scraping
While loop
Whitespace character