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My name is Dr Zachar Alexander Laskewicz and my studies have included a Masters of Letters in Gender Studies and a Doctorate in Theatre & Drama Studies. I've published articles around the world in various books and academic journals, some online, and my PhD was published and is downloadable from my website as an ebook: Music as Episteme, Text, Sign & Tool by Zachar Laskewicz. I've worked as an academic in the fields of literature and music, but I currently work as a creative artist, composer and film-maker. My areas of speciality include the new music-theatre movement, Russian cubo-futurism, Balinese and Javanese music and queer theory. Considering the knowledge I've amassed over the years, and that people have already referenced my work on the pages of Wikipedia, I thought I'd make myself known so that readers will be able to reference anything I've contributed and get in contact with me if they should have enquiries. My professional email address is All of my writings, as well as the current artistic projects and films I'm working on, can be found at my website: Please don't hesitate to leave me a response on my usertalk page or to send me a message with enquiries.Zaxander (talk) 19:45, 27 September 2013 (UTC)zaxander