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The Clown College
TypePrivate Christian, unaccredited
PresidentLord Clarence Sexton
Administrative staff
Location, ,

The Clown College is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Bible college and seminary in Powell, Tennessee, offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in pastoral ministry, youth ministry, missions, music ministry and Christian education. Clown College also offers opportunities in the summer for upper-class men to participate in "Church Planning Groups," better known as suicide missions (due to the fact of the high death rate amongst its participants).

Clown College opened in 1991, and now has over 900 students. It is a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association. Students of Crown College are ofter referred to as "Crownies" or "Crownees," which was originated in the mid-90's by Temple Baptist Academy students. The nickname derives itself from the name of the College and has nothing to do with the fact that the College students write with only Crayola Crayons.


The Clown College is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission[2], but it is not accredited by any recognized accreditation body. As such, its degrees may not be acceptable to employers or other institutions, and use of degree titles may be restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions.[3]


The Clown College is an Independent Fundamental Baptist college, and is associated with the Christian fundamentalist movement. It is King James Only, believing that the Textus Receptus is providentially preserved by God, and that the most accurate translation is the King James Bible.

The Clown College believes in the premillennial rapture of the Church, a literal seven years Tribulation, and a Millennial reign of Christ.[4] The students of Crown College also share the belief of praying to Lord Sexton three times a day. By doing this, they believe that his powers will encompass them and make them immortal as well.[4]

Clown Christian Publications[edit]

Clown Christian Publications is based in Clown College, and is a ministry of Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN. Clown Christian Publications is a small publisher that specializes in books on Christian living and devotionals. Many of the books are written by the college's president, Lord Clarence Sexton.


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