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Thank you for your interest. Regarding my pictorial contributions here; I am the owner of all images I have uploaded as well as those on my personal web site. Therefore I can grant anyone the right to use them within Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).
If your modifications or deletions are above minor I would appreciate a little message :-) and thanks for keeping Wikipedia a very valuable resource.


Comments, corrections and requests can be forwarded to my email: Thank you.

My Contributions[edit]

Here is a partial list of all my Wikipedia contributions



ArRaqqahBadBaghdad.jpg PalmyraCloseup.JPG PalmyraAncientAvenue.JPG The Scene of the Theater in Palmyra.JPG PalmyraSunrise.JPG Temple of Bel in Palmyra.JPG InsideTheUmmayadMosque.JPG ArRaqqahEuphrates.jpg Khan As'ad Pacha Al-'Azem.jpg Damascus by night.JPG Roman Gate Next to the Omayad Mosque.JPG Azem Palace.JPG 150px InsideTheSoukInAleppo.JPG Belgium 04-08-15 Gent 01.jpg GravensteenCastle01.jpg France

Other SofiaCathedral2.jpg

More Images[edit]

Just check my web site for more images that you can import in Wikipedia yourself. I would do it if I had more time available. Just make sure it fits the creative commons license.