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Hmm, not much to say. Leave anything you want to chat about on my talk page. In brief, I've been on Wikipedia for a few years now (my old edits were on another account, though those weren't too numerous), and I'm very much for keeping articles that wouldn't normally go in an Encyclopedia -- I think it's wonderful that I can get a List of Canadian Universities or information on Sunshine Hills Elementary School when I need it; let's take advantage of our limitless growth.

At the moment I'm working on some articles related to weird fiction. I think that Clark Ashton Smith and HP Lovecraft are great authors and deserve good articles. Priorities at the moment include creating articles for Clark Ashton Smith's stories and eventually going back to elaborating on many of the HPL stub articles.

I've also lately been monitoring Special:Newpages and trying to stem the flow of spam/test pages into Wikipedia. If you're here because I listed one of your new articles for Speedy Deletion it's nothing personal, and if you disagree feel free to dispute it or leave me a message & I'll try to help. PS: If I've left a note on your talk page, that doesn't mean I'm the one who nominated your article for deletion; sometimes (if it isn't flagrant spam or gibberish) I just point it out so you can have a chance to dispute it.

Various Links: WP:TFD WP:XFD [1]

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