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Zephyrad is a sobriquet of a Nevada writer and music producer, who knows a good deal about several different subjects, popular music and music production in particular. He's noticed that nobody plays Trivial Pursuit with him more than once. He also intensely dislikes humbug in all its forms, and the perpetrators thereof.

Salutem Punctis Trianguli

Vita Lux Amor

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Ich bin jemand![edit]

I wish the writer of the following piece (if not some of its readers) had gotten in touch with me about it: Die anarchische Wiki-Welt ("The Anarchical Wiki-World"). As it was, I had to find out from a Google search for my own nick (short for ZephyrRadio - predates and is not connected to The Zephyr), to see what might come up. Still cracked me up though, in two languages.

Where are The O'Jays when you want them?[edit]

Found this posted message about me recently, on a Planet of the Apes fan page at Yahoo! Groups. I suppose I should be flattered, in a way... all the same, it takes guts to make such (semi-)public comments behind someone else's back, dunnit. (Hey, at least I know enough to keep login information private, and not use unauthorized bots or engage in sockpuppetry, like some folks apparently do...)

January 2010[edit]

I will be mostly offline for the near future, due to family and personal circumstances, and particularly an extended stay with *sigh* nothing but dialup in the area, and no landline phone in the house. It'll take some adjustment, but things should be for the best. Stay well... most of you. (And to the pundits, arsenickers and busloadsh*tthrowers of the Beatles and POTA pages... I found the books mentioned sooooo many times on yon talk pages, that will show who is whom, right or wrong, etc., etc., as I was emptying my storage. You are on notice.) Zephyrad (talk) 09:10, 23 January 2010 (UTC)