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I have a user page on
I am a deviantART deviant at username.
My favourite colour is orange.
I use MSN Messenger
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I am a scientist.
I enjoy photography.
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I am a mad scientist.
If I make a mistake, please let me know.
My Google Talk screenname is username.
I am proud to be a Wikipedian.
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I live in the United Kingdom.
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This user is from Earth.
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I contribute using The GIMP.
I am a n00b.
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I own one or more cats.
I am male.
I am agnostic.
I am a professional procrastinator.
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I am addicted to computer and video games.
I am strictly apolitical.
This user is a wikifairy.
I think the best Smash Bros. character is Kirby.
I can lick my own elbow.
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This user scored score on the Wikipediholic test (revision revision test revision).
I use alcohol at an advanced level.


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Amino Acids[edit]

Amino Acid 3-Letter Code 1-Letter Code Structure Polarity pH
alanine ala A L-alanine-skeletal.svg nonpolar neutral
arginine arg R Arginine wpmp.png polar strongly basic
asparagine asn N Asparagine wpmp.png polar neutral
aspartic acid asp D Aspartic-acid wpmp.pngAspartate wpmp.png polar acidic
cysteine cys C Cysteine wpmp.png nonpolar neutral
glutamic acid glu E Glutamic-acid wpmp.pngGlutamate wpmp.png polar acidic
glutamine gln Q Glutamine wpmp.png polar neutral
glycine gly G nonpolar neutral
histidine his H Histidine wpmp.png polar weakly basic
isoleucine ile I Isoleucine wpmp.png nonpolar neutral
leucine leu L Leucine wpmp.png nonpolar neutral
lysine lys K File:Lysine wpmp.png polar basic
methionine met M Methionine wpmp.png nonpolar neutral
phenylalanine phe F Phenylalanine wpmp.png nonpolar neutral
proline pro P Proline wpmp.png nonpolar neutral
serine ser S Serine wpmp.png polar neutral
threonine thr T Threonine wpmp.png polar neutral
tryptophan trp W Tryptophan wpmp.png nonpolar neutral
tyrosine tyr Y Tyrosine wpmp.png polar neutral
valine val V Valine wpmp.png nonpolar neutral


Cellular Respiration
Aerobic Respiration
GlycolysisOxidative DecarboxylationCitric Acid CycleElectron Transport Chain + Oxidative Phosphorylation
Anaerobic Respiration
GlycolysisLactic Acid Formation + Ethanol Formation

DNA synthesis[edit]

DNA synthesis
Biochemical Processes
Purine metabolism | Pyrimidine metabolism | Nucleotide sugar metabolism
Molecular Biology Processes
Nucleotide synthesis (ATP synthesis) | DNA Replication | Translation
Protein metabolism Protein synthesis Amino acid synthesis
tRNA synthesis
Protein anabolism
Protein catabolism
DNA metabolism DNA synthesis Purine metabolism
Pyrimidine metabolism
Nucleotide sugar metabolism
Nucleotide synthesis
ATP synthesis
DNA replication
DNA anabolism
DNA catabolism
Carbohydrate metabolism Carbohydrate anabolism
Carbohydrate catabolism
Lipid metabolism Lipid anabolism
Lipid catabolism
Fatty acid metabolism