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Hi! I'm Zhaofeng Li, a WikiGnome and WikiOgre. I enjoy reverting vandalism, tagging articles and fixing linkrots on Wikipedia. I sometimes do some content creation as well. I'm also a Signpost reader and a WikiNews lover.

Skills and interests

I'm a native Chinese speaker, with moderate understanding of English. I have moderate knowledge of PHP, HTML and Linux, and I'm also a FOSS (especially Linux) lover. I can deal with some simple PHP coding and web designing work.

Articles created

Tools developed

  • CiteGenβ: Generates citations from the current page.
  • reFill: A rewrite of Reflinks.
  • RefToggle: Enables removal of reference numbers in square brackets, for easier copy-and-paste.
  • Scratchpad: A wiki sandbox in your browser.
  • SummaryGuard: Forces you to provide an edit summary when editing.
  • Floater: A fork of Equazcion's Floater, with translucent bar and custom button styling.
  • accesskey: Displays corresponding access keys besides links.
  • RetroLogo: Changes the globe logo on the top-left.

Have something to say?

Please leave me a message on my talk page or send me an email. If you prefer live chat, please join ##zhaofeng on freenode. I'm named Zhaofeng_Li or `z there, and I'm usually active on major Wikimedia channels like #wikipedia-en.