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Today is the day. When I first wrote "I am willing to work with anyone", I meant it. Unfortunately, no one wanted to work with me. Editing Wikipedia was a hobby; my edits were to add detail to various topics and to maintain the reliability of the project. I took pride in my actions because they were independent and were done to bring reliable information to others.

My hobby has instead turned into dread as baseless accusations have been aimed at me and my work. This "tireless contributor" has turned into a tired mess. I hold no anger as the world has grown passionate with the many changes we are currently facing, so one can see how these emotions have been turned towards me. To those reading this, I implore for you to cooperate with one another and to have good faith, because I wish others would have had good faith with me.----ZiaLater (talk) 13:13, 14 June 2020 (UTC)

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Please do not accuse me of being biased! It will just make me provide more sources. I only edit information that I find from sources.

Whether you believe those sources are biased or not does not represent my beliefs.

I am here to help anyone who needs it! Just head to my talk page and let it all out.

I enjoy making Wikipedia friendlier to those who are more visual (color text, photos, etc.)

I also am involved with some articles on buildings and hospitals. Get me interested and I might look into them!

If you need help with reliable sources, let me take a look.

I am willing to work with anyone. Let's work together to make Wikipedia as reliable as we can.

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