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Welcome to my user page!

SMirC-hi.svg السلام و علیکم . Hello! · Hola! · Salut! · Cześć! · Hallo! · Privet! · Ciao! · Shalom! · Nî hâo! · Kon'nichiwa! · Namasté · Marhában! · Namaskar! · Olá! · Merhaba! · Γειά σας! · Salutare! · Sawatdee! · Habari! · Tungjatjeta!

Hello! I'm Italian, 29 years old (Automatically Updating Age Counter, courtesy of User:Σ, who knows magic!). I took my Bachelor's in Foreign Languages and Literatures at Naples University L'Orientale, and recently a Master's in Literary Translation for my post-graduation. At the moment I work as a freelance translator. I'm interested in Linguistics, Humanistics and Music, and I do stuff on Wiki.

This is where I live, in the town at the edge of a cliff
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