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Sorry for the mess; I'm going to clean up later. :D -Z

I am a girl, yes. A female Wikipedian. And damn proud of it too. I tend to hang out at AfD, the Humanities ref board, and anywhere with a good discussion.


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Upcoming Important Wikipedia Dates[edit]

Zidel's List of Wikipedian Topics[edit]

Current Events[edit]

  • Due to a 100,000+ petition to remove the controversial images of the Prophet Muhammad from his article, a separate Discussion page regarding the images alone. Definitely worth a read, and the heated comments may lead to some change to the article's format. Outright removal of the images, which are considered blasphemous under Islamic law, is not likely to happen as Wikipedia's NPOV standards.

Areas of Interest[edit]

  • Jimbo Wale's Talk Page is a thought provoking, and fast paced page on current events on Wikipedia. Also, less than widely known information has been known to be spilled on Jimbo's page, if you're patient enough....

Areas That Need Help[edit]

  • Featured sound candidates has fallen into disuse, please go and debate on current sounds under review, or find sounds that may be worthy of consideration.
  • Here are some tasks you can do from the Community Portal.

WikiProject Featured Sounds Proposal[edit]

I've proposed the creation of a new WikiProject dedicated to Featured Sounds. If you are interested, please click the link below, and add your signature. 5-10 different users are needed to get it created. Thanks! :)


Barnstar of Diligence.png The Barnstar of Diligence
for sticking to it despite other editors' obnoxious comments at AfDs Bearian 21:53, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

Random work[edit]

  • Random map template (good or gross?)

Other Other[edit]

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