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The Dixie Art Colony was an art colony in Alabama from 1933 to 1948.


The colony was established by John Kelly Fitzpatrick (1888-1953), Sallie B. Carmichael and her daughter Warree Carmichael LeBron in 1933.[1][2][3][4] The idea was to establish an artist colony to paint and train burgeoning artists in the South.[1]

From 1937, they met at Poka Hutchi ("gathering of picture writers" in Creek Indian parlance), a small cabin on Lake Jordan.[1][5] Later, Frank W. Applebee, the Chair of the School of Art and Architecture at Auburn University and a painter, joined the colony, as did Genevieve Southerland, Anne Goldthwaite and Lamar Dodd (1909-1996).[1][5]

The colony last met in 1948.[1]

Dixie Art Colony Foundation founded in 2015 to reintroduce the art world to Kelly Fitzpatrick and Poka Hutchi. [6]


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