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Wu-tangCash rules everything around this user
Lightnings sequence 2 animation.gifThis user really enjoys dark and stormy nights.
Comic-sketch.jpgThis user enjoys comics.


TVAsahi/This user usually watches anime on TV Asahi.
P culture.svgThis user enjoys attending the theatre on a regular basis.
TronLight cycle This user fights on the Game Grid.
United States Soccer Federation logo 2016.svgThis user supports United States football team.Flag of United States.svg
GreenEggsAndHam.JPGThis user will eat Green Eggs and Ham for Easter dinner but not on Fridays in Lent, or Ash Wednesday.
SGPThis user is a supporter of the Reformed Political Party
Cola in a cup.jpgThis user drinks Jolt Cola to stay Awake.
Crystal Clear app date.pngToday is 23 July, 2021.
ODBThis user likes it raw
American bison k5680-1.jpgThis user's favorite animal is the American bison.
Five second rule WikiWorld.png This user thinks the 5-sec. rule works everywhere except public restrooms and slaughterhouses.
GTThis user would not like to have a Porsche Carrera GT
Alfred Hitchcock NYWTS.jpg
Good evening! This user loves films by Alfred Hitchcock.
Flag of Italy.svgThis user is of Italian ancestry.
Flag of Wisconsin.svgThis user would like to visit Wisconsin.
Ubbi-2Thubis ubusuber cuban spubeak uban ubintubermedubiubate lubevubel ubof Ububbubi Dububbubi.
Anti-PKK demonstration in Kadiköy.jpg This user is strongly against the terrorism of PKK
DSOTMThis user owns a copy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.
Crystal Clear app clock.svg It is approximately 12:38 PM where this user lives (New York)
SCI FIThis user loves science fiction.
FOBThis user is a fan of Fall Out Boy.
Flag of Germany.svg This user supports German-American relations. Flag of the United States.svg
viva This user supports the Consistent Life Ethic.
GD This user aint no stinkin Deadhead.
Mercat de la Boqueria Sant Josep 11.JPGThis user loves oranges.
Flag of the Philippines.svgThis user is a member of
Tambayan Philippines.
The Far SideThis user reads The Far Side.
Dlmsnm030.pngThis user watched the The Late Show with David Letterman, until it was taken off air in Norway on August 31st.
Animation1strombothehour.gif This user is a fan of The Hour, with George Stroumboulopoulos.
ST-3-bud.jpg This user is against the war on drugs.
G This user's favorite color is green.
>4This user has done more than 4 competitive sports.

This user is your friend, he's not your only friend, but he's a little glowing friend, but really, he's not actually your friend.

This user's favourite airline alliance is SkyTeam.Skyteam Logo Alliance.png
WThis user supports the the letter "wee" movement.[[1]]

voc-0This person cannot sing in tune (or has very poor singing skills).
a²+b²=c²This user is an intermediate mathematician.
DiscoBall.jpgThis user likes disco music.
Stephen Colbert truthiness caricature by Greg Williams.png This user doesn't trust books. They're all fact, no heart.
LDDVDComparison.jpgThis user has movies on Laserdisc but no Laserdisc Player
OnyxThis user got struck by lightning and the thunder
STAR TREKZobango is a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series.TOS
Christian cross.svg This user is Roman Catholic.
Flag of North Korea.svg
This user believes in the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea under one government.
Flag of South Korea.svg
Irish clover.jpgThis user would like to wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day.
WebcomicsThis user reads webcomics.
Cat03.jpgThis user has tested the
buttered cat paradox.
Mouse white background.jpg This user is interested in animal rights issues.
Camouflage.svgThis user is against involuntary military service.
This user is nEurOtic.
Vista icon.svgThis user prefers Windows Vista over Windows XP.


Atkinson Rowan.jpgThe user is a SUPER FAN of
Mr. Bean.
up Clue dnThis user is interested in Crosswords.
PhThis user is a fan of Physical comedy.
Grindcore.jpgThis user listens to grindcore music.

AndyRourke.jpg This user wears black on the outside because black is how this user feels on the inside.
Mandelbrot sequence small.gifGo slowly insane as you sit and stare...

Roast chicken.jpgThis user eats chicken.
South Korea film clapperboard.svgThis user enjoys
South Korean films.
This user once lived on board the Death Star. And this is his review of the experience:
Humour mouth.pngThis user enjoys reading humorous literature.
Speliŋ RəfɔrmThis user thinks spelling should be phonetic, and uses or has created a writing system for this purpose.
UBXThis user is fond of cashews.
sibs-0This user is an only child on their mother's side.
C2H5OH-0This user is a non-drinker.
Science.jpg This user is a cartoon physicist.
US UKThis user does not support the Special Relationship
Ananas comosus slices.jpg This user DOES NOT live in a pineapple under the sea.

This user is a fan of The Three Stooges. Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!!

National Public Radio logo.svgThis user listens to NPR.
Talk page icon crystal.pngThis user spends too much time on Internet forums.
Flag of New Jersey.svgThis user lives in the U.S. State of New Jersey.
Mephitis mephitis holzneri - Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History - DSC06640.JPGThis user is a proud skunk owner.
S1This user is a Scrabble player.
Choco chip cookie.pngThis user eats cookies.
Cigarettelight.JPG This user is against the ban on smoking in public places. user is trying to leave the United States of America.