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I'm Zoë Kirk-Robinson, a writer, artist, videographer and politician. I'm originally from Durham but now live in Manchester. I have a degree in Physics, a degree in Law and a diploma in English Law. Most of my work is available freely online, either at my personal website or one of my webcomic sites: The Life of Nob T. Mouse (the first British web comic), All over the house and Ink Proof Cannon.


I have contributed to the following articles in a manner that isn't limited to simple code/spelling/grammar corrections and other associated minor points:

  • The Ancestor Cell (Expanded the introduction, added plot details, story/continuity notes and some reference links);
  • Avril Lavigne (Corrected her place of birth, added info about early appearances as a vocalist on other artists' albums and added the name of her first manager to her bio);
  • Corbett vs Corbett (Created);
  • Drawing down the Moon (ritual) (Created as a stub and points to Wiccan ritual but needs far more work and reference to other practices).
  • Electronic Voice Phenomenon (Found and referenced research into EVPs; attempted to remove bias; and generally tried to improve the article - most of my attempts failed because a few people can't tell the difference between opinion and reality).
  • Life on Mars (TV series) (Created the Anachronisms section and made a few changes/corrections to other parts of the article).

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