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Born in 1979, CA, USA, although since 1986 I live in Szeged, Hungary. I'm a 3x father, an architect and of course someone with many hobbies. Most serious of them are comics and music. (Movies used to be among them, but since I have kids, going to the theater is hard to organize.) I used to edit and publish a Hungarian journal dealing with comics (Panel - somewhere in between a prozine and fanzine). Actually it was the first of the kind...
I'm an administrator/editor on Hungary's largest comics portal:
I'm also an administrator on the Hungarian comic book database:
I used to be an active part of the Hungarian Frank Zappa Association, but unfortunately I don't have enough time for it. Check it out (it has an English version.) MFZE At the moment I'm working as a second-instance monument preservationist. (I'm sorry, I'm not totally sure about the English terminology on this one, as I noticed most countries have completely different system for professional/state monument preservation).

Favorite contributions[edit]

  • Hungarian comics - I'm particularly interested in Eastern European comics-culture (especially ex-Yugoslavia and Poland), but unfortunately language barriers are too high in this part of the world. So I thought I would do my share and write the part I have enough knowledge of. I would love to read a similar article about Poland or Yugoslavia. Nudge-nudge.
  • Blueberry (comics) rearranging, list of english translations and some new text


For myself:[edit]

Favorite help pages and templates: Wikipedia:Cite_web Wikipedia:Citation_templates [citation needed]


The_Jam_(comics) The Jam - Urban Adventure was a comic book series by Canadian Bernie Mireault, published by several companies between 1985 and 1997. The series can be placed between alternative comics and mainstream (superhero) comics. The main character, Gordon Kirby is an average citizen, who dresses up as a superhero at night and makes good deeds to others. He is more like a literally taken working-class hero with no superpowers or developed fighting skills, although he does seek dangerous crime scenes.

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