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Zora is back in a timid, dipping a toe into the water, way.

Zora is my nom de Distributed Proofreaders [1]. That's where my heart is, preserving the literary heritage of the world. One of my DP teammates, Cimon Avaro, introduced me to Wikipedia. I'm also active in my local Zen group [2]. When I am paid for working, I am a writer, copyeditor, and proofreader.

I have three cats (Mamacita, Twit, and Makali‘i) and one daughter, who is a musician and sysadmin. I'm a book geek with a bad reading habit. I've attended Reed College and Berkeley (B.A.) and University of Chicago (M.A., A.B.D.). I also have an associate's degree in computer technology.

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Thumbs down[edit]

I've been accused of being:

I am always thrilled when I collect a new epithet for my roster of ethnic/religious insults.