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List of major contributions made by User:Zordrac

Zordrac (talk · contribs)

Date of first ever edit on Wikipedia: 2002
Date of first edit in batch: 20 October 2005
Date of first edit with User:Zordrac: 24 November 2005
Date of leaving User:Zordrac/goodbye: 25 December 2005
Date of last userspace edit: 26 December 2005
Total number of contributions as User:Zordrac:
Per Kate's tool: [1]
Per Interiot's tool: [2]
Articles: 1614
Talk: 213
User: 387
User talk: 553
Project: 1277
Project talk: 153
Image: 2
Category: 4
avg edits per article: 3.90
earliest: 12:59, 24 November 2005
number of unique articles: 1077
Deleted edits: 85
4203 total edits (as at when made last mainspace edit)

(Disclaimer: As stated in User:Zordrac/goodbye I may still make some edits on my sub pages to clarify and tidy up a bit. I am not going to keep counting my edits and update this page every time)

Major contributions[edit]

This is a list of the major contributions that I made to Wikipedia, in terms of non-reverted content. It does not equate to the articles that I made the most edits too.

Top 10 contributed articles (in terms of amount that I added or improved)[edit]

  1. Peter Falconio
  2. Talker
  3. Supreme Court of the Northern Territory
  4. Chief Justice of the Northern Territory
  5. S11
  6. Crime in the Northern Territory
  7. Wizardry 8
  8. Crusaders of the Dark Savant
  9. Crusaders of Might and Magic
  10. Metal Knights



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Conspiracy theories[edit]