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No lockout in 2011 please.[edit]

User:Zoro1234 (stylized as Zoro1234) is a dedicated fan of the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League and the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League. My primary focus on Wikipedia is updating and improving NFL and NHL-related articles. I love Football and Hockey period beyond mere geographic loyalties but do follow some teams more than others.

— Wikipedian Male —
Name Zoro 1234
Born Nevuary 32
Country  United States of America
Time zone PDT
Race Caucasian

Sports Teams

This user is a citizen of the
Raider Nation
DET This user is a fan of the
Detroit Lions
SF This user wants the San Francisco 49ers to make it to the Super Bowl only to be crushed by the Oakland Raiders.
SJS This user is a fan of the
San Jose Sharks
CAL This user is a California Golden Bears fan. Go Bears!

This user reminisces of Oakland Hockey like the
California Golden Seals
GSW This user is a fan of the
Golden State Warriors
OAK This user is a fan of the
Oakland Athletics
SJ This user reminisces of the
San Jose SaberCats
SAC This user is a fan of the
Sacramento Mountain Lions
SJ This user is a San Jose Wolves fan.
WOR This user is a fan of the
Worcester Sharks
SF This user reminisces about the
San Francisco Bulls

Userboxes I've created[edit]

Raider nation userbox
California golden seals userbox
Raider niner joke userbox