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I can never find these when I want them!


Articles I've worked on (in alphabetical order, not really):

Articles I've worked on before they were DYK listed:
Updated DYK query.png Ann Northrop
Updated DYK query.png Susan Ashley Stanton


Projects I'm involved with or like to keep an eye on (in alphabetical order):

Wiki Chill Pills[edit]

Also known as Essays. Use these if you need to take a break from the wikistress.

And if you really need a break, try the Uncyclopedia.



I don't contribute many photos, but here are the few that I have managed.

Nifty statistics[edit]


  • I last reset My Watchlist by blanking it on February 10, 2008.
  • Since signing on in October 2006, my edit count has exceeded 5,000.
  • My user page has been vandalized twice: once by an anon IP to whom I issued a vandalism warning, and once by a user who didn't care for one of my "bumper stickers".
  • My Wikipediaholic test score was 4204 (4204.038191409258) as of 04:34, 2 March 2007 (UTC).

Links to[edit]

  • The Top 100 Most-Viewed pages on Wikipedia
  • Other interesting Wiki Stats
  • This tool allows the user to input an article name and receive summary statistics regarding edits and editors for that article.

If this were my car...[edit]

These might be my bumper stickers:

Well-behaved women
rarely make history
Oxymoron #27:
Military Intelligence
Support Our Troops Go Red Sox!
Aliens have landed and
they are eating
the skinny blondes first
Dip me in honey and
throw me to the lesbians
Don't like logging?
Try wiping with a
Spotted Owl.
Come to the darkside,
we have cookies!
If guns cause crime,
matches cause arson
Critical thinking,
the other National Deficit
Sometimes I wake up
grumpy, other times
I let her sleep
Atheism is a
non-prophet organization
What Would Xena Do? Pro child. Pro family.
Pro choice.
Alcohol and calculus don't mix;
Never drink and derive.
The Bible was written
by the same people who
said the Earth was flat
Driver Singing
Oxymoron #43:
Religious Tolerance
I'm an agnostic dyslexic
insomniac who lies
awake all night wondering
if there really is a dog
Silly Boys:
Trucks are for girls
A Distraction!
Born right the first time Math Problems? Call
1-800 n[a^3e(sin(x)+2.6cos(y))]/dx
The road to success is
usually under construction
Forget about
World Peace,
visualize using your
turn signal!
Hate is not a
family value.
Go Patriots! Dead men tell no tales,
unless you're in forensics.
Feminism is the
radical notion that
women are people
43% of all statistics are useless All who wander
are NOT lost
Laugh while you can,
Monkey Boy
If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.


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