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Hi all.
Welcome to my user page.
I've put one up for the sake of not seeing my name in red all
the time. Have a look through my contributions, if you see work
you appreciate (or dislike), drop me a message on my talk page.


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2010 FIFA World Cup matches[edit]

0 (0) Flag of France.svg vs. Flag of Uruguay.svg 0 (0), Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town, 11 June 2010
2 (0) Flag of the Netherlands.svg vs. Flag of Brazil.svg 1 (1), Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, 2 July 2010
4 (1) Flag of Germany.svg vs. Flag of Argentina.svg 0 (0), Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town, 3 July 2010


My interests on Wikipedia centre largely around two topics: sports cars and South Africa. I also monitor (but rarely edit) Islam-related topics. My favourite edits, especially articles that I have rewritten, include:

Articles created[edit]

I've only started two articles thus far:

  • Madiba shirt, batik silk shirt popularised by Nelson Mandela. (started 12 October 2006)
  • Sheikh Yusuf, an Indonesian prince who was exiled to the Cape and ended up establishing Islam there. (started 12 August 2009)


Whenever I'm out taking photos I always try to capture something that will be of use to Wikipedia. Below are some images I've contributed to Wikimedia Commons.