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Hi! I'm Zvika. I live in Haifa, Israel. I am an electrical engineering graduate student. Click here to see my homepage.

My vanity list[edit]

New articlesAnti-causal filterArrowhead matrixBayes estimatorChain codeChapman–Robbins boundDanskin's theoremErgodic processJames-Stein estimatorAlona KimhiL-estimatorMutual coherence (linear algebra)Orthogonality principleQ-functionRelative interiorRestricted isometry propertySpark (mathematics)Stein's unbiased risk estimate

Major changesChi-squared distributionCramér-Rao bound (extensive modifications) • Exponential family (large parts rewritten, with User:Pdbailey) • Minimum mean square errorSampling (signal processing) (major overhaul) • Stein's example (rewritten from scratch)

Wikipedia Signpost ArticlesMediaWiki search engine improved (2008-11-10) • GFDL 1.3 released (2008-11-17) • Review of The Future of the Internet (2009-6-1)

Other • Separating Bias (statistics) into estimator bias and sample bias • Changes to Dirac delta function and related articles • A section on the limitations of the linear least squares estimator • Location parameter expanded • As part of a university course which I TAed (details), I helped students write or improve the articles Uniformly most powerful test, Kernel smoother, Regret (decision theory), Bayes estimator, Chebyshev center, Invariant estimator, Minimax estimator, Redescending M-estimator, Location estimation in sensor networks.


To do list[edit]

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