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Stable release
Available inEnglish
TypeWiki software
LicenseGPL (defunct)

UserPress is a wiki plugin for WordPress. It is one of the few WordPress wiki plugins in active development.

The software is designed to be used from a web site's frontend (as opposed to the wp-admin backend).

UserPress does not currently support any kind of wiki markup. However, it may be possible to add such functionality through a third-party plugin.

Additional functionality such as automated backups and page caching can also be performed using existing WordPress plugins.


The software features basic wiki features such as revision tracking, hierarchical page structures, page editing controls, logo showcase and dynamic table of contents.[1]

UserPress also allows users to preview wiki pages via modal window.


UserPress was initially released as a free software download via's plugin repository, but was later offered as a premium/paid plugin.[2]

As of 2019, the plugin's homepage is not accessible.


UserPress was cited as the Softpedia Script of the Day.[3]


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