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Industry Software
Founded 2008
Key people
Richard White (CEO)
Lance Ivy (CTO)
Marcus Nelson (CMO)
Scott Rutherford (COO)

UserVoice is a San Francisco based[1] Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company creating customer engagement tools.[2][3][4]


In 2006, Richard White realized he needed a more efficient way to monitor feedback from software users,[5] and he created an online forum where they could provide ideas about a project he was designing.[5][6] His method was inspired by Joel Spolsky, who advocated giving programmers a finite number of votes to prioritize software development.[7][8] Rather than programmers, White had users vote.[9] White, together with Lance Ivy and Marcus Nelson, launched UserVoice in February 2008.[4] An early adopter was Stack Overflow, run by Spolsky. By September 2011, UserVoice had 13 employees and 74,000 clients, with 23 million users participating.[10]


UserVoice Feedback collects and prioritizes suggestions from customers as they list ideas and vote on them.[11][12][13][14] In addition to the original website-style product, iPhone and Facebook apps are available[15][16] to allow developers to collect feedback for mobile apps.[16][17]

UserVoice HelpDesk[4] is a support tool for tracking and responding to customer issues. Customers can thank the support person who responds to their ticket by giving them "kudos."[18][19] The system employs gamification techniques to motivate support teams to provide high quality service.[18][20] Help teams work within a system that displays each person's kudos in real-time.[18] UserVoice HelpDesk also directs customers to relevant answers as they type questions.[2][4]

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