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Concentrer le Ki dans le ventre ou il est le plus efficace permet de decotracter le corps humain et de liberer l'esprit. Il faut vivre et sentir chaque technique executee avec les mains ou les pieds.Maeceenas vitae libero. Aliquam erat volutpat. Donec iaculis sem a justo. Fusce consectetuer tellus in turpis. Aliquam id tortor nec elit scelerisque euismod. Vestibulum condimentum, tortor commodo convallis pulvinar, dolor nunc malesuada orci, sodales pulvinar elit pede a neque. Vivamus eleifend cursus erat. Proin eu lectus non dui vestibulum dignissim. Nunc vel ante

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The guides on notability will give you a better idea of what will likely make good articles, I would start here the links from that have some more information on how this works generally, you seem to be good at picking up the style points on writing articles but this may help you when thinking about the sourceing.jjska®ate 空手|道® 05:43, 29 January 2009 (UTC)