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[[Category:Articles created via the Article Wizard] Name- Chhotu Singh Thikana Gunawati Nagaur Mertiya Rathore Akhesingoth Rank Lt.Col. IC- 183 Name of wife Kishore Kanwar Passed out from IMA Dehradun 1st regt. Worcestershire Regt.( British Regt.) other units commanding 3rd assam regt. 1947(first indian c.o.) 2nd Hyderabad Infantry 22 Marathas

Last unit commanded J&K Militia (Srinagar) various posting Places srinagar, Shillong, Hyderabad, Secunderabad ,UOL camp, Pathankot, Gurdaspur , DIK, Delhi, Army HQ. New Delhi, Italy Europe immediately after 2nd World War Battle experience Indo Pak War during P.O.K. Occupation postings in other units up-to the rank of Major 7th Cavalry, 1st Sqdn. Indian Air force , Staff college Quetta

Retd. 1956/57

Survived by 8 sons namely Pratap Singh Rathore ( Retd. supdt. of police Arunachal Pradesh) Dr. Narayan Singh ( Redt. from Arunachal Pradesh) Col. Karan Singh (Retd. 8th Cavalry) Arjun Singh (Superintendent Customs & Central Excise serving) Sehedave Singh Bhim Singh Anand Singh Lt.Col. Shanker Singh Rathore (46 Armored Regt. serving)

detail known so far further details will be update as an when available . some photographs taken during his training & military career . == Big text

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