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31st URAS MUBARIK OF DERVAISH MUHAMMAD YAQOOB(Rehamat ullah) was held on 29th & 30th of october 2012 in ASTANA ALIA HAibit pur Sharif ,Tehsil Pasrure District ,Sialkot. Prof,Hafiz sabir ALI sabir of Bhopal wala,and many scholars addresses on this occasion. Sajada Nasheen Peer ATA-UL-HAQUE address on this occasion about the concept of date of Uras Mubarik.He said that real date of Uras Mubarik IS 29-30th of October not 19th.20th.He said that Dervaish Muhammad Yaqoob met with kalq-e-Haqeeqi (ALMIGHTY ALLAH) On 29th of october at 12.43 am). he also added that according to Shariat URAS Can only  be celebrated  on the date of death not any other date.