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Please look at Gang Tian's paper "K-Stability and Kähler-Einstein Metrics" carefully. In this paper, he said his paper was first published on arxiv on November 20, 2012, while the paper of Chen,Donaldson,Sun was first published on arxiv on October 28, 2012. The other important thing to notice is that in Tian's paper, he cited the papers of Chen,Donaldson,Sun. It means he acknowledge that his proof is later than the proof of Chen,Donaldson,Sun.

Also, you only look at one side of story, the other side of story is also important to satisfy the "neutral" principle of Wikipedia. So please look at the website of Donaldson,too.

If you compare the difference, you will find that Donaldson said his important parts was published earlier and then Tian copied the same thing. Tian said that he told his idea to Donaldson but his written was slow. When you combine them together, we can see the following fact: Tian got the idea earlier and then he told Donaldson. Donaldson used this idea and successfully overcame all the difficulties coming from all details. After the complete proof of Donaldson, Tian also wrote a paper containing all the details. In other words, when Donaldson published his paper, he can only see the idea of Tian, when Tian published his paper, he can see all the complete proof of Donaldson.

Usually the mathematical society only accept the first complete proof. For example, Fermat claimed his last theorem much earlier, but people still view Wiles as the first people to solve Fermat's last theorem. Hamilton developed all the important ideas, but Perelman is still considered as the first people to prove the Poincare's conjecture. Therefore, the role of Tian looks like Fermat or Hamilton, while the role of Chen,Donaldson,Sun look like Wiles or Perelman. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 23:06, 29 May 2015 (UTC)

Answer: If you know the idea of proof then if you are fast in LATEX then calculation need just one week if you are not busy. Moreover, Tian solved this problem a long times a go and the problem he was tinking was to generalize K-stability to CM stability and thats why he delayed to publish it.

If you are right,then Fermat solved his last theorem a long time ago and the problem was he didn't have enough room and that's why he delayed to publish it. All the work of Wiles is useless because if he know the statement of theorem and if he is fast in calculation, it only costs he 10 years if he was not busy.

I forgot to mention that I just solved the Riemann conjecture but I want to generize my work to include the Goldbach's conjecture. That's why I delayed my publish. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 23:50, 30 May 2015 (UTC)

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