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The SSV Normandy[edit]

USS Grayback (SS-208)

I've noticed that you continue to change the Normandy's designation to SR1. The correct designation is SSV (see Chris L'Etoile's post here [1]), SR1 is the SSV Normandy's hull classification symbol, as I've mentioned on the Normandy talk page. A real world example of a hull classification symbol can be seen on the USS Grayback (pictured above). The Grayback's hull classification symbol is SS-208, and you can see the 208 marked on it's side. The SS stands for submarine, and the 208 means it's the 208th hull, or ship made. The Normandy is known as the SSV Normandy (SR1), as it is the first SR ship built.

I hope I've clarified some things. --Asclepius Quid fit? 01:58, 20 September 2007 (UTC)