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June 2014[edit]

Information icon Please do not add commentary or your own personal analysis to Wikipedia articles, as you did to Monism. Doing so violates Wikipedia's neutral point of view policy and breaches the formal tone expected in an encyclopedia. Note that our policy against original research includes interpreting primary sources. Also, Wikipedia is not a pulpit to give overly long arguments based on a single source, outweighing other sources. Ian.thomson (talk) 20:24, 13 June 2014 (UTC)

Warning icon Please stop your disruptive editing. If you continue to violate Wikipedia's neutral point of view policy by adding commentary and your personal analysis into articles, as you did at Existence of God, you may be blocked from editing. "Rigorous arguments" for any view do not belong on Wikipedia. Ian.thomson (talk) 23:01, 13 June 2014 (UTC)