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January 2013[edit]

First, Wikipedia has a civility policy that requires editors to treat each other in a civil manner, and that includes during disputes. Referring to another editor as "stupid" or addressing them in your edit summaries by saying, "well jackass you didn't leave me shit" is a violation of that policy. Please do not speak to other editors in that way. If you find yourself disagreeing with another editor's edits. try talking it out with them. Since you're apparently new to Wikipedia, I'll let it slide, so I'm just letting you know this for future reference.

Second, when you left your initial message on my talk page, you (inadvertently, I assume) removed the previous message left there by another user. Please be careful not to do that when composing your future messages.

Now, regarding LoveWaffle's edits, I notice two edits in which he describes the material in question as unsourced: this one and this one. Looking over those edits, it appears that he was correct, as those plot synopses, which were added by User: and User:, were for future episodes, but were not accompanied by any citations. So in what way were they sourced?

As for his referring to material as vandalism, I notice that these the edits in question:

  • On January 20, User: made this edit to the article, in which he added the commented-out message "TVGuide Vs Marvel Toonzone - Marvel Toonzone Wins Smartass ;)-" to the article. It was that edit that LoveWaffle referred to as "vandalism" when he subsequently reverted it.
  • User: then re-added it, with the edit summary "@LoveWaffle - what the fuck is wrong with you dude just keep the fucking info", prompting LoveWaffle to again remove it here. It was then re-added and then removed again once more before a new IP started editing the article.
  • then re-added that material with the edit summary, "@LoveWaffle - dude really what the fuck is wrong with you ust keep the fucking info and who the fuck are you to decide the colors and the last time i checked spidey was a property of marvel not tvg". LoveWaffle removed this, again referring to it as vandalism, before another admin protected the article, mistaking the conflict as an edit war.

Now before we proceed further, am I correct in understanding that you were the same editor making these edits from all those IPs? I figure this is the case, since you state that LoveWaffle referred to your edits as "vandalism", and since I don't see him referring to any of the edits you made from this IP,, as such, I'm understanding that you referring to those ones, right? I'm also guessing that was you, based on the fact that all the edits involved the adding of that "Smartass" remark to the article, those from the latter two IP included profane edit summaries, and all three of those IPs, like this one you're using now, are traced to Sri Lanka. (So is the aforementioned, from which the edits containing the unsourced info originated).

If this is the case, then LoveWaffle was completely right to refer to those edits as vandalism, since that's precisely what they were. I'm not sure what function you think calling someone a "smartass" in an article has, but it certainly is not a constructive edit. Neither is addressing someone with "what the fuck is wrong with you" or "who the fuck are you to decide the colors".

In addition, it appears that ToonZone is not considered a reliable source, per this discussion at the Reliable Sources Noticeboard.

Please familiarize yourself with Wikipedia's policies on civility and vandalism if you wish to continue editing here. I would also suggest signing in for a username account, since editing from five different IPs, especially given the nature of your edits, can easily be construed as sockpuppetry, which is a blockable offense. Nightscream (talk) 05:58, 31 January 2013 (UTC)