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Edgar's fall[edit]

Re the message from this ip address posted on my talk page:

I deleted Edgar's fall since it had been nominated for speedy deletion on the basis that it did not demonstrate the notability of the article's topic, the criteria for which (specific to web sites/materials) are described here. At the time I agreed with the assessment, and the article's content and tone did nothing to show it merited inclusion here- see what wikipedia is not; there are untold zillions of videos on YouTube and like-minded sites, and wikipedia is not the place to promote or link them. To warrant inclusion here it would have to be something which is extremely well-known and independently referenced.

However, I did some further looking around and have noted that there are at least a sizeable number of independent references to it, and so it at least has some chance of meeting WP:WEB notability requirements. It could I guess be argued that it is as 'notable' as others on the List of internet phenomena. So I have restored the article, for the moment anyway, as perhaps not being quite so clear-cut a case for speedy deletion. It could still be deleted or proposed to be deleted by someone in the future, particularly as the article reads quite poorly- if you want to have it kept I suggest that you look to rewrite it and provide the references to why this particular video is notable for inclusion here.--cjllw | TALK 09:15, 29 January 2007 (UTC)