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I believe I am being unfairly treated by User: SteveBaker. He seems to be rejecting articles I have submitted because one of them did not meet Wikipedia's guidelines for notability. I feel that many of the others do, and there are sources provided in order to back up their importance.

I actually feel like I am being victimised by this user, and that I want nothing more to do with Wikipedia if this is how I am going to be treated here. I came here in good faith, and of course I realise that some articles are going to be rejected, but there is such a thing as a fair hearing. I don not believe I have had this from Mr Baker.

Furthermore, I am now afraid that he will take steps to block me as a final dagger to the heart.

Therefore, somebody please help me. I would be very grateful if another editor would review my articles. I realise that a lot of you are busy, but if someone can spare a few minutes then it would put my mind at reat and restore my faith in this website.

My articles were created on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 December.

Thank you 00:39, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

Hey, I created the article on The Kaiser's Last Kiss because BOOKS DON'T HAVE TO BE OUTSTANDING TO GET THEIR OWN ARTICLES. Anything else you need my help on? If so, tell me on my talk page. ''[[User:Kitia|Kitia]] 00:40, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

P.S. I would advise you to log in, to avoid all this nonsense.

Welcome to Wikipedia. I would recommend that you get a username and log in. You don't have to log in to read or edit articles on Wikipedia, but creating an account is quick, free and non-intrusive, requires no personal information, and there are many benefits of having a username. (If you edit without a username, your IP address is used to identify you instead.) Under the Notability policies, its up to the Author, to prove that the topic as notability, have a quick read of the policies. Contact me if you need any help Brian | (Talk) 00:47, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

What were those other articles you were trying to write and their content? I will gladly create them. Oh, and if you decide to log in, tell me your username because we are now wikfriends. Thanks! ''[[User:Kitia|Kitia]] 00:50, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

Chill out mate. It's not worth getting stressed out over. This sort of thing happens. I had one of my first articles deleted. Anyway, for what ti's worth, I thought the stuff you submitted was OK. Many articles give a lot less information than you did, but if they are still too short there's nothing wrong with that because they can be created as stubs and someone else can expand them later. That's the good thing about Wikipedia. By the way, I hope you do decide to stay here. It's a great place to be and most of us aren't that bad. Cheers Paul from Brum (talk) 09:58, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

Oh, and good work with the infobox on The State Within. Why not have a go at expanding this article if you're familiar with the series. I started it with the intention of writing more once it had finished, but sadly I missed some of the episodes. Paul from Brum (talk) 11:45, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

Hello there. I have now created your articles by way of my appreciation for your edit you made to The State Within. You can find them at the following pages

Watchman (novel) and The Kaiser's Last Kiss have already been created by other editors. I think I've got everything you submitted, but if not, please let me know and I'll gladly take a look at them for you. Also, drup me a line too when you get registered. It would be great to hear from you. Cheers Paul from Brum (talk) 13:54, 10 December 2006 (UTC)