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ID question[edit]

this is really a very old philosophical question, that has had different answers in different religions. start with the article on Evil, particularly where it talks about why god allows evil to exist, then maybe shift over to the concept of karma in hinduism and buddhism,and then start poking around on philosophy pages because there's tons written on it. basically though, it generally boils down to one of these three:

  • God doesn't make mistakes; man makes mistakes, and reaps what he sows
  • God doesn't make mistakes; there are no mistakes, but man's limited capacity for understanding makes him think there are mistakes
  • God doesn't make mistakes; but God is in competition with evil forces, and the fallout of that conflict looks like mistakes to man

never yet heard a theory that says that God actually makes mistakes - that generally goes against the definition of god. --Ludwigs2 01:57, 4 July 2008 (UTC)