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October 2010[edit]

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Wait, what?[edit]

In this discussion, apparently Fidika writes "Wikipedia is destroying industries and mocking professional life and capitalism by simply still being alive." In one go, you deprecate volunteerism, the freedom to assemble, free speech, knowledge assembly, organically created internal organization, normal and predictable capitalistic processes, and individual determinism itself. Upon what reliable sources are you basing this claim? Seems worth an essay. Reply here, or on one of your named account pages, perhaps Wikibooks or elsewhere entirely. --Lexein (talk) 18:14, 23 October 2010 (UTC)

I don't know why you feel so compelled to argue with me, but if it can stop you from helping Wikipedia I'll take the time to talk. I have no problem with the principles users like you go by to help out Wikipedia, but I do have a problem with how it negatively affects everything capitalistic as you guys indulge in your idealism to 'change the world and freely give to the world' like saints. There is nothing about Wikipedia that separates itself from communism, and because Jimbo ineptly doesn't even host ads on his site, the people who are actually producing value on their own (capitalist people) have to provide for Wikipedia by 100% 100% of the time. A lot of good idealism and anti-business practices do when you have to rely on people unlike yourself just to survive. Wikipedia is tremendously lucky to still have so many people helping it for no gain to themselves, and it truly stands as evidence of how the internet has awakened a new culture of people who are just really bored and/or degenerate whose lives are now the internet.

Because of this idiotic cycle businesses like the Encyclopedia Britannica are being hurt badly; writers are having their written works robbed left and right, giving them no reason at all to write; original thought is greatly belittled because Wikipedia will not acknowledge or respect actual identities (such as how you just said I need someone else to reason for me whenever I talk on or about Wikipedia, which is just absurd), putting everyone on the same page; the communism and the almost complete lack of consequence that are staples of the internet are worsened, giving exclusive rights to unprofessional, unfitting people almost at random, letting anybody do what they want for personal merit, regardless of what that is with the benefit of not having to communicate or reason with anyone, as well as not owing anything to Wikipedia or needing to establish value for it; etc.

November 2010[edit]

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