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Market Garden[edit]

By now, you should have noticed the comment in the infobox (since you have deleted it once and are editing right next to it) that states any change to the result of the operation, will be reverted. The result has been established from extensive discussions over several years, unless consensus is established first to change it. In every discussion that has occurred on the subject, the vast majority of sources highlight that the operation was an "Allied operational failure", not anything else, and thus what has been used.

A non peer-reviewed article (by an unknown undergrad? you?) that cites the wiki extensively (a massive no-no in the academic world) and utilizes a handful of other sources (none of which focus on the operation), which is littered with inaccuracies, and reaches some outlandish conclusions that ignore the geo-political situation and replaces it with naïve patriotism does not trump the other sources used or become the primary source to base a conclusion on in this article. Find peer-reviewed academic sources and take it to the talkpage, if you want to improve the article, rather than continue to vandalize it.EnigmaMcmxc (talk) 21:03, 29 April 2014 (UTC)