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Recent edits to List of United States politicians who admit to cannabis use[edit]

Information.svg Hello, and thank you for your recent contributions. I appreciate the effort you made for our project, but unfortunately I had to undo your edit(s). In particular, this would need a reliable source. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. Thank you! DemocraticLuntz (talk) 17:23, 12 January 2014 (UTC)

Christian Conservatism[edit]

Christian conservationists believe humans, sentient animals, and plants share the world provided by God. It is each persons duty to build up the ground around them and reduce their impact on the Earth. It is our duty to sow the seeds of the land and use their nutrients to feed ourselves. Cannabis sativa ,Cannabis indica, ayahuasca vine, and all other species of plants must be grown to use as for food, cloth, shelter, and spiritual awakening due to their spiritual compatibility with the Lord. We must use the cannabiniods to protect us from the harms of the world. We cultivate these plants to become closer to God. Using the time shared to praise the Lord together recognizing the spiritual connection between the Lord, these plants, and us. We do not need a text for the Lord speaks to us in our daily lives and we seek him in every action. Any spirit may praise with us, we provide no judgement to any individual. We do not seek out followers, but let our actions speak for us. We will walk as Jesus did loving every spirit and not let society guide our behaviours. No institution is needed just the joining of a few spirits in any place is adequate express our praise and to stop the destruction of the natural earth. We prefer the treatment of illness through medicines derived from nature that are believed to be efficacious over synthetically derived treatments.