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I'm somewhere between an Novato and and a Tutnum, with enough years to be a Complete and Perfect Tutnum, if I ever bother to do that many edits.

Somedays I'm really annoyed at Wikipedia for the restrictions now placed on anonymous users. Only one article that I would've started and worked on has been made in the past 6 months - and I don't think the user actually fulfilled the request made on the request page. There've been three redirects made.

submit | request an article: tech & tools lists
Peeps: business | nat. scientists | social sciences ( historical figures) | math | other

Personal Statement(s) / History[edit]

Be Bold

Be bold in adding new facts, and modifying organization or correcting english, or re-writing for style or flow.
Be cautious in deleting facts, disputed or otherwise. Preferably caveat them within the article. If you have to, move them to the Talk page.

I'm much more of a 'put it out there, and let everyone work to improve it' type of person. Who knows when, or if, I'll have time to finish something up, and the work I've already put into a project should be accessible to someone else. Otherwise they'll have to re-carve the wheel that I've already done in order to get started on the axle, which will eventually lead to a nice cart for us to use.

Primary example of this is Pearlash. I'd only found reference to it in my readings on Potash, so I'd added it there, but still linked it up (red-link). Hadn't gotten around to messing with it until last week or so, and found someone else had made an article indicating it was a precursor to baking soda. That was information I never would've found out... And now of course, Potash is doing much better, and links to actual chemical formulas. Ahh, joy!

No new page creation for wikipedia.

I've now found 4 topics that wikipedia does not cover. And I've not added them, because wikipedia does not want them added.

Appears you can't edit new pages, so I may be done with Wikipedia now...

Index of Article Information[edit]

Articles created, after I've requested them to be made, or made wikilinks for them

2008-05-17: PS20 (created 2008-05-21 14:15 - 4 days) - thx User:Acer
2007-06-10: Bug bomb (created 2008-05-27 13:19 - 11 months) thx User:Shoy
2007-06-10: Fogger (created 2008-01-23 22:53 - 6 months) thx User:Kendrick7
2006-11-17: Hoffmann kiln (created 2007-04-25 10:54 - 5 months) - thx User:Bobax - but didn't use any information contained in the request, and didn't add the redirect either.
2006-11-20: Gottlieb Kirchhoff (created 2008-3-16 - 1 year 4 months) - thx User:Vergency
2006-11-17: Philip Vaughan (created 2008-05-23 11:59 - 1 year, 6 months) thx User:SGGH

Redirects created upon request for an article/redirect

2006-11-17: Degussa process (redirect created 2008-06-14 - 1 year, 7 months) - thx User:Dagordon01
2007-06-03: CRT TV : CRT television (redirects created 2007-12-10 - 6 months) - thx User:Biscuittin
2007-05-28: Skuldelev 2 (redirect created 2007-07-29 - 2 months) - thx User:StaticElectric
2007-05-07: Joe Nacchio (redirect created 2007-07-17 - 2 months) - thx User:Pardy
2007-06-10 / 2007-08-12: Osmond process (Osmond iron moved 2007-08-17 - 5 days / 2 months) - thx User:Stemonitis
2007-06-03: Circe (mythology) (created 2007-06-11 - 8 days!!) - thx User:Anonymous Dissident
2006-12-01: Plantar Fasciitis (redirect created 2007-02-24 - 3 months) - thx User:Qxz
2006-11-17: Hoffmann Kiln (redirect created 2007-05-14 - 6 months) thx User:Skysmith

Articles that would've already been started, had wikipedia not restricted anonymous users

2008-06-24: Bleiby process -> Hydrogen cyanide - needs a redirect
2008-06-24: Ghyben-Herzberg lens / freshwater lens - geological formations, aquafiers in tropical islands.
2008-05-29: Positive-pressure airway ventilator -> Medical ventilator - redirect request
2008-05-18: Cognachrome color tracker - single image automated docking technology
2008-05-18: Docking collar - used on Gemini flights to attach two spaceships
2008-05-18: Alignment sights - currently used to help line up spaceships to dock correctly
2008-05-18: Pirs Docking Compartment - part of the ISS [1]
2008-05-17: Solana Generating System - 280 MW concentrating solar power (CSP) plant to be built near Gila Bend, among the largest solar power plants in the world, producing enough power at full capacity to serve 70,000 households, est. 2011.
2008-05-17: Saguaro Solar Facility - APS generating station, 2006
2008-05-06: Dutch Processing/Dutch processing/Dutch process - chocolate production technique, removes flavonoids and other beneficial things from chocolate, uses chemicals.
2008-03-16: Scrape-enabled tracker - .torrent technology
2008-02-14: Himax technique : Himax (redirect) - Krishna Ella's alternative to Ultracentrifugation (equipment costs $1.5 mil - 15% recovery, using toxic substances), which has lowered the cost of Hep. vaccine from $22 to pennies.
2008-01-13: MacArthur-Forrest process (redirect) -> Gold cyanidation - a cyanidation process that allowed South African gold to be extracted profitably, patented by John Stewart MacArthur with help from Robert Forrest and William Forrest, patent invalidated when SA companies got tired of paying them $1.36 per ounce of gold.
2008-01-13: Red Lightning (novel) (2006) by John Varley, 978-0-441-01488-0
2007-12-30: Burning fluid - common use started 1830, cheap and clean subsitute for sperm whale oil, since that was so expensive. Some type of mixture of alcohol and turpentine.
2007-12-29: Zinc sulfide flotation - industrial process
2007-08-17: Cottleston pie : Coddleston pie (redirect) - a food?
2007-08-11: Fitzpatrick skin typing test (redirect) : Fitzpatrick phototyping scale (redirect) -> Fitzpatrick scale - human skin darkness/melatonin measure, appears to be a scale 1-6 in darkness.
2007-07-30: Scott curl bench : Preacher curl bench (redirect) - free weight bench, invented by former Mr. Universe Larry Scott. The only way to effectively isolate and work the biceps without using other major muscles.
2007-07-30: Flat bench - free weight device
2007-06-13: List of mines || List of mining sites - list of mines/mining sites, preferably with GPS cooridinates
2007-06-10: General Enclosure Act
2007-06-10: Copper slip - copper grease
2007-06-10: Kay's flying shuttle (redirect) - redirect to Flying shuttle (pg 89 f1)
2007-06-10: Rotherham plow || Rotherham plough || Rotherham triangular plough : Rotherham triangular plow : Triangular plough (redirect) : Triangular plow (redirect) - patented in 1730, reduced ploughing from two men and 6 oxen (rectangular plough) to 1 man and two horses (pg 39) - developed by Joseph Foljambe in Rotherham, England, in 1730. It was durable and light, and was engineered after the mathematical principles of James Small, who designed a mouldboard that would cut, lift and turn over the strip of earth.
2007-06-10: Paul's carding machine : Carding machine (redirect) - patented in 1748, revolutionized the cotton industry, and put the Industrial revolution on track (pg 89 f2)
2007-06-10: Potting process : Potting and stamping (redirect) - first commercially viable form of iron making sans charcoal, patented by the Wood brothers in 1761, overshadowed by puddling process (pg 110)
2007-05-19: McCulloch saw : McCulloch Saw (redirect) - light weight (1/2 as much as competitor), air cooled, powerful - destroyed logging camps because of manpower reduction
2007-05-19: Oregon chain : Oregon Chain (redirect) - cut its own kerf and avoided pinches
2007-05-19: Cox Chipper Chain ||? Cox chipper chain- Joseph Cox, patent 1946, modeled on beetle larva's teeth
2007-05-19: Barienger brake - [2]
2007-05-19: Basal area gauge - calibrated prism for cruising a forest, basal area of trees in an acre
2007-05-19: Bark spud (tool) || Bark spud - tool for removing tree bark (can't decide which would be the better article name, but leaning towards the tool one)
2007-05-19: Indian pump : Indian-pump - firefighting tool for inaccessible locations [3]
2007-05-19: Sniping (logging) - maybe should be a redirect to an article on old-time logging?
2007-05-13: Sting (gamer) - Sting domain name controversy,
2007-05-13: Kieth Turley - re-wikified, and asked for on request page(s)
2007-05-13: Phoenix 40 - re-wikified, and asked for on request page(s)
2007-05-12: Mule train (disambiguation) - Much of what's on Mule train should be in a seperate disamb page.
2007-05-05: Sweet oil - needs to be a disamb page
2007-04-04: Corex process - alternative to the blast furnace for iron-making, significantly reducing raw-material costs, developed by VOEST-ALPINE in Austria in the 1970s, it uses convential coal instead of coking coal.
2007-03-01: Phoenix 40 - indirectly asked for via link on Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
2006-12-05: Haifukiho - I just want this one :D, probably couldn't have even stubified it... - Korean/Japanese silver-mining method, only one mention on google
2006-11-20: Emile Gauvreau - 1920s tabloid newspaperman & author
2006-11-17: Andrussov process

Articles created from redirects

2007-05-12: Donkey puncher - Changed redirect into an article: job-name in the logging industry, since User:Inter16 was being an ass, and deleting information.
2005-10-26: Industrial process - Changed the redirect into an article, to supplement Category:Industrial processes, which I've been working on for ages.

Disambiguation pages created from redirects

2007-04-05: Kirchhoff - with a red-link to Gottlieb Kirchhoff.
2007-05-28: Sea Stallion - added the viking ship.

Articles of mine that you won't see my contributions on, because of the way wikipedia is organized:

  • Lists of fictional animals (and most of the sub-lists that I also created: historical versus fictional, indices of the lists, etc) - Which has/had been listed as an unusual article. (check out the discussion). There were also admin-edit wars on this, taking out several of the articles, a couple of times....
  • Spacecraft propulsion - I can't even find any acknowledgements of my first edits were on this one... but damn, that was like in 2001/2002? Several revisions ago. I was the first to include specific impulse and thrust in the list of proposed propulsions: mainly because I read the list, saw Ion drive (much used in fiction, but also real) not listed, and did some research on it. The manufacturers listed the specific impulse their drives were capable of, and I included it. Which then prompted everyone else to research theirs...

Articles & other pages I've created
(now un-possible because of new wikipedia policies)

2005-12-03: Joe Hooper (soldier) - article - No reference to Joe Hooper the soldier on wikipedia, wrote this before I found the (poorly made) Joe R. Hooper article (which has since been turned into a redirect).
2005-12-03: Joe Hooper - disambig - since I couldn't find any reference to Joe Hooper the soldier on wikipedia, but doing a google search I'd found Sir Leonard James Hooper, it needed to be a disambig page instead of the article.
2003-11-03: List of fictional airborne castles - deleted 2007-11-12 by User:Prodego
2003-11-03: Married Love
2003-11-03: (redirect) Rose Mofford
2003-11-03: Jane Dee Hull
2003-11-03: Keating Five
2003-11-03: (redirect) Keating five scandal
2003-11-03: Yanni
2003-11-03: Orazio Vecchi
2003-09-20: Kzin
2003-09-20: List of fictional tigers
2003-09-10: (moved to) Kitty Genovese
2003-09-10: Tensile stress
2003-09-10: (save f/VtD) Hacktivism
2003-09-10: (save f/VtD) Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act
2003-09-10: (redirect) Mcbain
2003-09-07: Walton Walker
2003-08-31: Raschig ring
2003-08-31: (redirect) Carbamide
2003-08-31: Sing Sing (prison), which was deleted and re-created by User:Jengod at Sing Sing
2003-08-31: List of historical pigs
2003-08-31: List of soups
2003-05-12: List of famous monkeys
2003-05-12: List of fictional apes
2003-05-12: List of coins
2003-05-12: (redirect) GreshamÕs Law
2003-05-12: (redirect) Mastermind (television programme)
2003-05-12: (redirect) Nativist
2003-05-12: List of fictional monkeys
2003-05-12: List of fictional chimpanzees
2003-05-12: List of famous apes
2003-05-12: List of famous chimpanzees
2003-04-15: Edie Falco
2003-03-31: List of fictional pigs
2003-03-31: Lists of fictional animals, now Category:Lists of fictional animals
2003-03-31: List of historical horses (but someone beat me to filling in the red-link)

Articles deleted or un-added to Wikipedia[edit]

I've decided the best plan of action is to just add content on my personal talk page. That prevents any issues with the deletionists.

List of fictional airborne castles[edit]

This is only the remnants on the web, I may have a better copy in archives somewhere.

2007-11-12 20:57 User:Prodego


  • Mt. Olympus, home of the Greek Gods. It is a palace that is high above the clouds, so it is sort of a floating castle, but reference is made to "the topmost peak of many-ridged Olympus", so it's not exactly a floating castle. Also, Zeus claims that he hand the earth and sea from a pinnacle of Olympus, so it's not exactly clear what it is.
  • Cloud-cuckoo-land (Nephelokykkygia) from Aristophanes' The Birds


See also List of castles


Article has since been recreated... (2006-08-29 User:Wierdy1024)
Thus no information from the deletion log (which appears to disappear when an article is re-created?)
On 2007-07-11 the article wasn't in existance on wikipedia.

Demonoid is one of the most used BitTorrent trackers in the world (2007) [4]. It was apparently created by an anonymous Yugoslavian known only as Deimos[citation needed]. The site's indexed external torrents and Demonoid-tracked torrents are easily found on other BitTorrent search engines.

The website features a publicly accessible search engine, although membership is required to download more than 3 torrents per week or to download torrent files older than a few days. Registration traditionally opened every Friday (GMT), but plans were announced on March 3, 2007 to open registration on a monthly rather than a weekly schedule in the future. Existing users in good standing have the ability to send invitation codes to others during closed registration.

Although Demonoid removed torrents over a year old on August 4, 2006 to free tracker resources, the site has over 168,035 user submitted torrents indexed as of June 13, 2007.

Demonoid technically does not require that a good upload/download ratio be maintained by its users. If a good ratio is not maintained, Demonoid will not automatically ban the user. According to the moderators of the site, this is due to the extra resources which would be required to track all of the users' ratios, as well as the difficulty of tracking external usage. Although ratio limits are requested by many users in the site's suggestion forums, the staff of Demonoid have made it very clear that this will not happen, and discussion will not be entered into regarding this topic.

Demonoid categorizes torrents under either Anime, Applications, Audio Books, Books, Comics, Games, Miscellaneous, Movies, Music, Music Videos, Pictures, or TV. Many categories have various subcategories or divisions that allow a search to be more specific.

It features RSS technologies with different feeds for each category and sub category to keep users aware of the latest torrent posted on the site.

See also

  • Torrent Search Engine

External links

  • Demonoid: Official Site
  • Thomas Mennecke: BREIN Claims Victory over Demonoid June 27, 2007
  • BREIN trying to shut down Demonoid Zeropaid, June 2007
  • Grote bittorrentsite uit de lucht "Large bittorrentsite offline" (in Dutch), Telegraaf, June 27, 2007

Talk To Me[edit]


Hi ender! Haven't seen you in a while... Dysprosia 02:19, 27 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Been around. Different IP addys, but this one is fairly stable for awhile... Been busy, rm -r * my home directory, and other fun things :P

Deleting Articles[edit]

Who needs US National Monument articles on Wikipedia?, Delete![edit]

I've deleted two of your articles so far. Encyclopedias have articles, not just links. You need to write in sentences, locate your sites, and say why they are historic. Wikipedia is not an link farm. If you want any help, let me know. jimfbleak 06:50, 25 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Oh really? Which two? I'm not making link-farms.
And I'm curious, why do you think, apparently by default, that U.S. National Monuments are not historic?
And, why aren't you proposing for deletion, and allowing people time/opportunity to fix articles?
According to Wikipedia:Candidates_for_speedy_deletion, The Cases, paragraph 2 - you shouldn't be deleting it while I'm working on it. I also assume you're going to say that you were following policy: Articles, section 3. There was however more than just a link or a category in those articles. And using any type of common sense, would show that the article could be redirected (I just couldn't find it, because there were not redirects, and the categories weren't done). Following policy is a good thing, try it.

Administrators playing God[edit]

Seems that someone deleted Category:Theories created on 2005-05-20. Recreated 2005-05-30. And I'm probably keep recreating it until someone tells me why I shouldn't.
A much better way to get rid of this category (should you dislike it) is via following policy (above), or doing a personal note (like Hobbler-Bosch) below.
~ender 2005-05-30 05:05:MST

Topological map[edit]

I've redirected to cartography. If this is a problem, let me know. --Viriditas | Talk 09:20, 9 May 2005 (UTC)

Aloha. I don't understand your comments on my talk page, nor your entry on the current dab page you created, although it might make good sense to have a dab page instead of a redirect. The example you left on my talk page is that of a metaphor, so that doesn't really help. I'll try modifying the dab page instead. --Viriditas | Talk 03:37, 10 May 2005 (UTC)

Hobbler-Bosch synthesis[edit]

Hello, it seems that you created this article based on this web page, which contains the text

Vaclav Smeil, an energy geographer, has asked people about the most important invention of the twentieth century, the most important and the most fundamental, in existential terms, for the largest number of people. He says nothing comes close to the Hobber-Bosch synthesis of ammonia, first introduced in 1913 and commercialized after World War I. Synthetic nitrogen now supplies about half of the nutrients to the world's annual and permanent crops. Roughly one-half of humanity is now alive due to Hobbler-Bosch synthesis. So we can ask how many of the 5.3 billion global total population would be here without this nitrogen input and the natural gas that is the feed stock for it.

In my reading, the point is that Hobbler-Bosch synthesis is a process to make ammonia, which is used for making fertilizer, and the invention of this process helps the survival for half of humanity. In fact, the author probably means the Haber process, which is also called Haber-Bosch. So, I think the Hobbler-Bosch synthesis article is wrong. First, I wanted to list it on Wikipedia:Votes for deletion, but then I realized that we could short-circuit the bureaucracy by doing a speedy deletion (see Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion). If you agree, then please put the text

{{deletebecause|I am the original author and I created this article by mistake}}

on the top of Hobbler-Bosch synthesis and somebody will delete it. You can of course replace the text by any other text. Cheers, Jitse Niesen 02:47, 20 May 2005 (UTC)

Contact process[edit]

Why redirect contact process, with a lower-case p, to contact Process, with an incorrectly capitalized P? The redirect should go in the other direction. Michael Hardy 20:15, 6 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Because all the stuff I was reading had it as a proper noun, thus capitalized. I see someone has already changed it however...
~ender 2005-06-07 02:04:AM MST

George Washington[edit]

Thank you for experimenting with the page George Washington on Wikipedia. Your test worked, and has been reverted or removed. Please use the sandbox for any other tests you want to do. Take a look at the welcome page if you would like to learn more about contributing to our encyclopedia. A link to the edit I have reverted can be found here: link. If you believe this edit should not have been reverted, please contact me. Dcflyer 23:22, 21 June 2006 (UTC)


Its completely your choice, but you are actually more "anonymous" if you create a user name. Forgive me if you already know this, but with a username, only very priviledged users can see your IP address. All other information about you is under your control.

While I don't have enough information to say whether Sting (gamer) deserves an article, I'm of the opinion it shouldn't go into the dab page until his notability can be established within Wikipedia. (John User:Jwy talk) 18:38, 13 May 2007 (UTC)


Please provide a reference citation for your recent addition to Graphite. Thanks, Vsmith 11:58, 7 August 2007 (UTC)

Nice work/David Drake[edit]

Thanks for your recent edits to David Drake.
While I'm here — here it comes, like a broken record — I really do encourage you to become more anonymous by registering a username. Are you aware of the "watchlist" facility in the MediaWiki software? It's extremely useful, but only registered accounts can use it. (Most anonymous users come in via shared IPs, so watchlists would be useless to them.) Anyhow, thanks again. Cheers, CWC 10:46, 20 August 2007 (UTC)

It's not all about anonymity. It's also about convenience. And I hate having accounts, and logging in. Also, it's a matter of principle. Is, or isn't wikipedia about including everyone. Or just 'users'. That way leads to the incestous community political BS. Note some of the stuff I've gotten, even when adding in cited information! 'Users' decide that they don't like any additions by 'anonymous IPs', even though I've been around for over half a decade. Ridiculous really, but that's what giving people accounts does, leads them to a sense of power over others.
If you have an account, you never get to see how fucked up Wikipedia is. You should always approach things from the lowest common denominator, and from the powerless position - to really understand something.
~ender 2007-08-21 12:10:PM MST
Fair enough.
You might be interested in this essay by one of our best contributors (IMO), which I found via User talk:JzG.
Thanks again for all the good edits ... which are, after all, the whole point of this project. Cheers, CWC 09:22, 22 August 2007 (UTC)

Merge templates[edit]

The date syntax is: {{Merge|other arguments|date=August 2007}}, but if you leave the date off it will be added by a WP:BOT. Rich Farmbrough, 19:57 23 September 2007 (GMT).

Bark Spud (tool)[edit]

Hi, I created Bark_spud_(tool) in response to your request. Thought you might like to know. Cheers! Tommfuller (talk) 09:56, 4 March 2009 (UTC)